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B2B and DTC, all in one place

Run your wholesale and direct-to-consumer businesses on a single platform without compromises.

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Collage showing a pallet of stacked cardboard boxes, a duvet cover for sale on a wholesale website, and a graphic showing volume pricing for the duvet cover on Shopify Plus

Shopify named a Leader in 2024 Forrester Wave™: Commerce Solutions for B2B

  • Momofuku
  • Laura Mercier
  • Life Fitness
  • YETI
  • Brooklinen

custom wholesale experiences

B2B that means business

Shopify gives you everything you need, right out of the box, to shape the right experience for every customer using curated catalogs, custom pricing, personalised storefronts, flexible payment terms, and a self-serve portal.

Cater to every customer

Curate end-to-end buying with custom pricing, product publishing, quantity rules, and payment terms. Represent companies with multiple buyers and locations, and manage purchasing permissions with ease.

Personalise your storefront

Build a powerful storefront with personalised content for every buyer. Choose from out-of-the-box B2B themes, build custom with Liquid, or go headless with our storefront and customer account APIs.

Delight with self-checkout

Scale your operations by letting customers make purchases with quick bulk-ordering tools, and manage their accounts with an intuitive and customisable portal.

Elevate your sales reps

Enable your team to place orders and access information for their assigned accounts with permission levels specific to your business.

all-in-one solution

A unified platform for omnichannel growth

With over 2 decades of commerce excellence, Shopify is helping B2B businesses evolve and innovate quickly on the leading platform for omnichannel growth.

Collage showing the DTC and B2B websites for the same brand

Reduce tech debt

Streamline business operations, create brand consistency, and cut development costs by running B2B and DTC on the same platform.

Launch faster

Set up your store in weeks, not months, with a scaled composable framework and hundreds of innovative platform updates every year.

Access all of Shopify, for B2B

Use innovative features with wholesale, including product bundles, discounts, and workflow automation with Shopify Flow.

Tap into the largest app ecosystem

Customise your store and extend the platform to fit your business needs with Shopify’s epic ecosystem of more than 8,000 apps.

B2B features

Next-level wholesale features, right out of the box

Customised buying experiences

Personalise your storefront and checkout for each customer.

Icon of a person in front of a computer

Company profiles

Represent multiple buyers and locations with unique permission levels, payment terms, tax exemptions, and payment methods.

Icon of a catalog

Customer-specific catalogs


Offer a curated buying experience with product catalogs assigned to a specific buyer or location.

Icon of a dollar sign and checkmark

Quantity rules

Create customer-specific conditional rules for products and variants, including minimums and maximums, case packs, and increments.

Icon of a dollar sign next to arrows pointing up and down

Volume pricing

Easily implement quantity price breaks to get your B2B customers buying in larger quantities.

Icon of person next to a gear, representing settings

Store personalisation


Optimise the experience for B2B customers by surfacing relevant content to the right audience in one store.

Icon of a web browser

Headless storefronts


Gain total control over your buyer experience with Shopify APIs and developer tools along with your tech stack.

Icon of sliders representing customization

Custom B2B solutions

Build the solution your business needs with our suite of B2B APIs and compatible apps.

Optimised workflows

Modernise your operations with powerful automation tools to streamline processes across all your brands and sites.

Icon of a flowchart

Workflow automations


Shopify Flow, our proprietary automation tool, now does more for B2B with support for companies and company locations, so you can assign terms, send invoices, and more.

Icon of multiple people next to a plus sign

Company account requests


Using Shopify Forms, add an account request form to your store. Buyer information is automatically saved as a company so they can buy wholesale as soon as you approve.

Icon of a gear inside of a shopping cart

Sales rep permissions


Add sales reps as staff in the admin with the permissions they need to only access assigned customers and place orders on their behalf.

Icon of a piece of paper with a checkmark

Checkout to draft

Simplify workflows and quotes with the ability to submit for review on your online store and approve before fulfilling.

Icon of the Shopify admin

B2B-optimised theme


Accelerate your store setup with Trade, our out-of-the-box theme designed for wholesale, and pre-built with our advanced B2B features.

Icon of three line items next to a checkmark

PO numbers

Capture PO numbers on orders and at checkout, which are then visible in the admin, within customer accounts, and on the Orders API.

Self-serve purchasing

Scale your operations with online buyer purchasing and order tracking for hands-off account management.

Icon of three line items next to a checkmark

Quick bulk ordering


Show buyers a list of all products and variants so they can easily order sizes, colors, and more from product pages or a separate order form.

Icon of a wallet

Flexible payment options

Streamline the order process with payment terms and the ability to send invoices for payment.

Icon of an arrow inside of a shopping cart

Easy reordering

Encourage repeat orders by making it easy for buyers to reorder past purchases right from their customer account.

Icon of a credit card next to a shield

Vaulted credit cards

Speed up payment by securely storing customer credit cards on file for use at checkout, on draft orders, and when paying invoices.

PayPal logo

PayPal payments


B2B customers can now pay for orders and invoices with PayPal, with their payments automatically reconciled in the admin.

Icon of a percentage sign in a circular shape

Custom discounts


Offer promotional discounts on top of wholesale prices, tailored to your B2B buyers.

endless integrations

All your critical systems, all connected

Shopify works as a standalone system or fits right into your tech stack to streamline your operations.

Diagram showing Shopify’s DTC and B2B stores connected to integrations, apps, and services

Robust integration solutions

Integrate with your preferred ERP, OMS, and CMS tools for seamless data syncing, or use Shopify’s APIs with connectors like Boomi, Jitterbit, and Celigo to build custom integrations.

Shopify has partnered with leading ERP providers including Acumatica, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and Brightpearl to build out-of-the-box integrations that simplify your tech stack.

Unlimited flexibility

Tailor your business solutions with headless storefront APIs, inject custom data with metafields, write custom logic with Shopify Functions, and customise your checkout with Checkout Extensibility.

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Our B2B process was manual and time consuming. In order to scale, we needed an easier way to cater to these B2B customers. That’s where B2B on Shopify comes in.

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