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Anker replatforms 16 ecommerce sites in three months

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Founded by Steven Yang in 2011, Anker has become a global leader in consumer device charging and is one of the world’s most popular developers of audio and video electronics, home appliances, smart security solutions, and more.

Based in China, Anker has a business that covers more than 140 countries and regions, serving hundreds of millions of customers around the world.

When the brand embarked on a direct-to-consumer (DTC) push aimed at connecting with customers and driving global growth, it turned to Shopify Plus to create consumer experiences tailored to individual markets.

With Shopify Plus, Anker has seen:

  • 112% year-over-year (YoY) website revenue growth between 1 January-30 June 2023
  • 90% website payment success rate
  • 70% YoY growth in website revenue over three consecutive years


In recent years, Anker has expanded beyond its core device charging product category and into fields such as wireless audio, smart audio, video, and smart home devices. Anker’s multi-brand approach is underpinned by the brand awareness and consumer engagement it can drive directly with customers across international markets via its online presence.

However, to create the personalized online experience needed to deepen consumer engagement in individual markets, Anker needed an ecommerce platform that had extensive customization capabilities and checkout options with which to tailor individual online stores to their respective markets.

Moreover, the brand needed a platform that could help it properly analyze online customer behavior across markets and regions to make the most of sales opportunities—a task that was complex with its existing custom ecommerce platform.


Anker adopted Shopify Plus in 2020, migrating 16 sites for four major brands in just three months. Anker accomplished this migration with no more than seven people on the job. Since then, Anker has set up more than 50 global online stores using Shopify Plus, with the brand leveraging the platform’s customization, multi-site, and multi-currency capabilities

Making use of the checkout customization and Shopify Payments features in Shopify Plus, Anker has tailored the buying experience to address consumer expectations, with customers in different markets each having different purchasing and payment habits. Using these features, Anker has also made its ‘Buy Now’ process smoother and more secure, a factor that drives more customer journeys to the payment link and beyond.

Customizing the checkout experience further to address individual customers’ buying habits, Anker also used Shopify Payments to integrate a variety of quick payment methods such as Shop Pay, PayPal, Amazon Pay, and Google Pay.

 Localization needs for multiple languages and currencies, coupled with many sites running simultaneously, inevitably require a high degree of back-end service stability. 


Connor Zhai — Head of Anker's DTC Department


Anker’s average order value and gross margin have increased since adopting Shopify Plus, with the brand achieving sales results on its ecommerce site that are significantly better than those on third-party platforms that also sell its products. In the first half of 2023 alone, Anker achieved over 7 billion yuan (US$961.7 million) in revenue.

The extensive checkout customization that Anker has undertaken in Shopify Plus has resulted in a more stable, secure, and smooth Shopify checkout experience, leading to a payment success rate at checkout of more than 90%.

Additional checkout enhancements, such as the integration of ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ options and a ‘Why Choose Anker’ section to strengthen consumer confidence in the brand, have also helped to drive customer conversion and boost website revenue.

Looking ahead, Anker hopes to tap into new and upcoming features in Shopify Plus to provide even more personalized, innovative, and differentiated experiences to its customers, no matter where they are.

 When deciding to significantly expand the functionality of the brand site, Anker needed to find a very stable, safe, and reassuring solution in a short period of time in terms of overall service quality and risk control security, and Shopify Plus is the best solution. 


Connor Zhai — Head of Anker's DTC Department

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Avec Shopify, Anker a rapidement obtenu des résultats.


YoY website revenue growth between 1 January-30 June 2023


website payment success rate


YoY growth in website revenue over three consecutive years

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