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WOLFpak sees a 528% increase in cross-border revenue with Managed Markets

Michael Henderson founded WOLFpak with a clear vision: to bring more functionality to the everyday athletic backpack while inspiring his community to overcome adversity. The WOLFpak mentality recognizes that all people struggle in their own way, but that anything is possible through discipline, grit, and perseverance. More than a brand, WOLFpak has become a movement.

With the help of Shopify Plus and Managed Markets, WOLFpak has been able to take its brand story to new heights, expanding its success and influence internationally. The brand has seen: 

  • Over 5-fold growth in international revenue 
  • Increased checkout conversion rate and international sales 
  • A drastically improved buyer experience with all duties and taxes paid upfront and no unexpected fees upon delivery 


WOLFpak’s U.S. sales have made one thing very clear—the brand's flagship product is a winner. And although international interest levels matched the domestic hype, getting the product into international customers' hands proved significantly more challenging.

Not only was it operationally complex and time-consuming for the WOLFpak team to manage international orders, international buyers were outright refusing parcels due to unexpected costs, like import fees. This was hurting the brand's customer trust and eating into profit margins.


In order to successfully expand its business internationally, WOLFpak needed a cross-border solution that would help them manage and scale selling in international markets, and also offer additional features that optimized the customer experience for international buyers.

In particular, they needed a solution that removed common barriers to selling internationally—namely, abstracting tax and regulatory complexity by market, ensuring a faster and more cost-effective shipping experience, and streamlining customs documentation. On the buyer's end, WOLFpak also needed a tool that would deliver on its brand promise by eliminating surprise fees at delivery and ensuring price transparency for customers at the point of checkout. Enter: Managed Markets.

"For any entrepreneur looking to scale internationally, Shopify's international sales tools should be a required tool", says WOLFpak founder, Michael Henderson. "It provides a low-cost shipping service and clears customs for you ahead of time. Then there's the speed of delivery and the transparency of what your duties are upfront along with the team that comes with it; the insight, the knowledge, and the support you need to walk you through it, so you don't feel alone."


Managed Markets supercharged WOLFpak’s international expansion efforts. Cross-border Gross Merchandise Volume (GMV)—as a proportion of all GMV—grew from an average of 5.9% in the first 10 months of 2022 to 11.4% in November 2022. This represented a significant increase in cross-border revenue growth. 

And in the first month after activating Managed Markets for its online store, WOLFpak saw a boost in checkout conversion of 36% month-over-month, and nearly 100% checkout conversion improvement compared to the same period last year. 

Finally, during BFCM 2022, WOLFpak saw cross-border GMV increase by 528% year-over-year. 

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Avec Shopify, WOLFpak a rapidement obtenu des résultats.


growth in year-over-year cross-border revenue with Managed Markets


increase in month-over-month conversion with Managed Markets

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