Live from Shopify Unite: Sales Channels, Buy Buttons and the Future of Commerce

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Shopify Unite is a conference that brings together Shopify Partners—app developers, theme designers and more—from all over to talk about the future of commerce and Shopify.

In this special Shopify Masters podcast, you'll get inside insight about the direction of Shopify—and commerce as a whole—and what it means for all of our merchants.    

In this episode, you'll hear from:

  • Satish Kanwar, Director of Product at Shopify about how Shopify is lowering the barrier to entry for merchants to explore new sales channels, like Wanelo and Ebates.   
  • Daniel Patricio, Product Manager at Shopify about who's in the best position to "sell anywhere" with Shopify's Buy Buttons. 
  • Craig Miller, CMO at Shopify about the evolution of commerce and what recent changes in technology mean for the future of shopping, employment and starting a business.

Listen to Shopify Masters below…

Show notes:

  • Sales Channels: Explore new sales channels to grow your business beyond your online store (You can learn more about it here).  
  • Buy Button: Embed products on landing pages, blog posts, your sidebar and more.
  • Best WordPress Ecommerce Plugins: Easily embed products from your Shopify store throughout a WordPress website. 
  • The Law of Shitty Clickthroughs: Craig recommends this article by Andrew Chen about why the effectiveness of channels decays over time and why we should strive to be the first to explore new ones.
  • Watch every announcement from Unite and learn more about what's to come.

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