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Fire Dept. Coffee

Fire Dept. Coffee boosted revenue 4X by perking up its subscription business

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Upgrades, Growth and Scale, Multi-channel and Omnichannel

Fire Dept. Coffee, a veteran-owned coffee roaster in Rockford, Ill., began as a hobby and a dream. But the venture quickly took off and after three years of impressive growth with its Shopify site, Fire Dept. Coffee upgraded to Shopify Plus to enable greater transaction volumes, manage multiple product lines, and scale its business further. 

In 2020, the company earned $2.5 million in revenue. Today, Fire Dept. Coffee’s small but mighty team of 25 employees—made up of active and retired firefighters, veterans, and coffee enthusiasts—is responsible for almost $10 million in revenue thanks to its SEO-optimized site, a booming subscription business, and an enhanced customer experience.

Shopify fit us when we had just one product. Shopify Plus fits us now as a $10 million business with multiple product lines. And it will fit us as a $100 or $200 million business. That’s the beauty of it—there’s nothing we can’t do with Shopify.

  • Fire Dept. Coffee
  • Luke Schneider — Founder and CEO

With Shopify, Fire Dept. Coffee saw results fast.


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Total revenue growth year-over-year

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