How Florentine Kitchen Knives Sped Up Store Checkout by 50% with Shopify

How Florentine Kitchen Knives Sped Up Store Checkout by 50% with Shopify

Florentine Kitchen Knives was born from a school project and a crowdfunding campaign. Almost ten years later and this bespoke handmade kitchen knife brand is now a favorite for home cooks and professional chefs across the world. Located in the heart of Barcelona, right near Las Ramblas, the store acts as a multi-use space—a workshop, showroom and shop. 

Customers are welcomed to the store to see the knives being made in-person and the brand also has a growing online presence. With Shopify POS helping unify its online and in-person sales to the same back office, Florentine Kitchen Knives has enjoyed:

  • 300% time saved managing inventory
  • 5% lift in multi-channel orders 
  • 50% faster in-store checkout times 

Challenge: Long lead times and inventory complexity 

Florentine Kitchen Knives products are mostly made to order and customers can buy either off the shelf or choose to customize the knives. 

As a low-stock, high-customization business, orders can take up to three months to ship. As a result,  it’s important for Florentine Kitchen Knives to always know which materials are running low in order to avoid over-selling products or running out of stock and increasing production times. 

There are a number of separate materials for each knife. We design them, make them and offer customizations. We need to make sure we don’t sell products in-store, where a particular material required is sold out due to online sales. We need a holistic solution.

Tomer Botner, Founder, Florentine Kitchen Knives

Solution: Smart inventory management and integrated payment processing

Florentine Kitchen started using Shopify POS. Low stock reports let them know when a certain material is low in stock which gives them enough lead time to order new materials before selling out. 

With the launch of Shopify Payments in Spain, the brand can quickly transact sales even for customized products. Since payment processing is integrated with the POS system, prices no longer need to be manually entered into their card reader. This speeds up checkout and reduces the possibility for errors. 

The fact that we can offer customizations to our customers easily, without an internal tech team and at a low cost, is great. I've never had any difficulty using Shopify and POS—it's just super easy to use. It also really helps that payments are integrated and we don’t have to manually enter sales amounts in our card reader.

Tomer Botner, Founder, Florentine Kitchen Knives 

💡 PRO TIP: Shopify Payments is included in all Shopify POS plans, no sign up or setup fees required. Control your cash flow better and pay the same pre-negotiated rate for all credit cards, starting at 2.4% + $0.00.

Results: Focusing on their craft, not logistics  

Florentine Kitchen Knives signature products are now used by home chefs and fine dining restaurants across Europe, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

As a scaling business with a global customer base, not having to worry about tracking inventory across materials has freed up time to focus on the work that matters mostdesigning beautiful, high quality, hand-crafted kitchen knives for its customers.

Shopify POS is really intuitive. The seamless connection between the POS hardware and software makes life easier for staff and checkout smoother for our customers.

Tomer Botner, Founder, Florentine Kitchen Knives

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