Your Shopify store will now be billed in Indian Rupees!

At Shopify, we’re committed to making it as seamless as possible for businesses to start and run their ecommerce operations. This means localizing experiences in a way that caters to the requirements of millions of businesses across the globe.

With this in mind, we’re introducing billing in Indian Rupees on Shopify! Merchants will now be able to pay their Shopify bills in their local currency, making the first step towards ecommerce easier for Indian merchants. 

This will not only simplify billing by processing your Shopify bills in the currency you operate in, it will  also  eliminate foreign exchange fees you were previously charged by your bank or credit card provider. 

You can choose to change your billing currency by following these steps. Your Shopify monthly subscription fee amount will be updated to Indian Rupees automatically if you’ve successfully updated your billing currency by following these steps. Once you’re set up for Indian Rupees, sign-up for automated billing via card by following the steps below:

  1. Log in to your Shopify store as the store owner
  2. From your Shopify admin, go to Settings > Billing
  3. In the Payment methods section, do one of the following (your card must be issued from the list of supported issuers here): 
    • If you're adding a card for the first time, then click on Add payment method and choose Credit card
    • If you’re adding a new card, then click Replace credit card
    • If you’re re-entering your card, then click the ‘...’ button beside your card, and then click Replace
    • Enter your card information and India billing address. 
    • Click Replace credit card. 
    • Once your card is added, you will be redirected to our secure payment partner - Razorpay - to permit Shopify to automatically charge your card each month. After successful completion, you will be redirected back to Shopify*. 

*If your Shopify bill exceeds 15,000 Rupees, you will receive a pre-debit SMS notification and will be required to follow the link to approve the payment on your bank’s website.

**There has been an update to the Reserve Bank of India threshold that triggers the above mentioned approval step. If you have previously created a mandate for 5,000 Rupees, you will need to update the mandate to reflect the new threshold of 15,000 Rupees by replacing your existing card following the same steps referenced above.

You can also pay your Shopify bills using UPI (Unified Payments Interface) by following the steps below to add UPI as your primary payment method:

  1. Go to your Billing settings in Shopify
  2. Under Payment methods click on the …
  3. Add UPI as the primary billing payment method
  4. Enter your UPI ID to begin authentication with Razorpay
  5. Complete the Razorpay mandate registration process via your UPI app

UPI set up steps

When you go back to your Shopify Billing Settings page, you should now see UPI successfully added as your primary billing payment method. If the UPI setup was unsuccessful, then an alert will suggest that you try again or add a different UPI ID. 

Your new UPI payment method will allow you to pay your monthly Shopify bills automatically**.

***If your Shopify bills are greater than 5000 rupees, you will receive an email from Shopify with instructions on how to come on session to pay. Please ensure you complete this step to prevent your store from being frozen.

Your new monthly subscription fees will be charged in Rupee, as per the plan prices below.

USD and INR pricing


For more information, or if you encounter any difficulties with the process above, you can learn more in our Shopify Help Docs or contact Shopify Support - we’re here to help!

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