Introducing Live View: Watch Visitors Become Customers with Real-Time Reporting

Shopify Live View

Your business is changing with every passing second. New visitors are arriving, new items are being added to carts, customers are making purchases.

It’s hard to keep a pulse on your business’s constant ebbs and flows.

With Live View, you can now keep track of how your store is performing in real-time right from the palm of your hand.

As a Shopify store owner, you can now watch the activity taking place in your online store, as it happens.

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Your store’s activity, as it happens

Now you have a go-to visualization of your store’s activity and live performance so you can move as quickly as your business.

Live View desktop

With Live View, you can:

  • Track how many visitors are on your site right now and where in the world they are
  • Watch visitors become customers and celebrate sales as they happen
  • Monitor daily total visits, orders, and sales
  • Keep a pulse on your purchase funnel as visitors add items to their carts, start the checkout process, and successfully make purchases
  • See how many pages are being viewed right now

For more on the Live View metrics and how to use them, see the Shopify Help Center.

An interactive map lights up, showing you where your visitors and orders are occurring at this exact moment. That means you can watch as your marketing efforts, like a promotional email or press mention, pay off.

Just in time for Black Friday Cyber Monday

Black Friday Cyber Monday and the entire holiday season is thrilling, but also super stressful. So stressful that you’re likely already well into preparation mode. (If not, don’t worry, there’s still time to prepare.) With Live View, you can see that hard work come to fruition as the traffic and sales come rolling in.

Watch live as your discount emails go out, as your Facebook ads launch, as you launch your BFCM gift guide page, etc. You’ll see how your traffic and sales respond in real-time, allowing you time to shift your strategy before the whirlwind is over.

The best part? Live View will live on after BFCM and the holiday season. It’ll remain a digestible, visual representation of your store’s performance. It’s the perfect way to monitor a sudden spike in activity, like when a summer sale launches or you score a press mention.

In the palm of your hand

It’s not just your online store that’s always on the go. It’s you, too!

That’s why Live View is available to all merchants with an online store on both desktop and mobile. You can stay up to date on your store’s performance, no matter where you are. Whether you’re on the bus, waiting in line, or running to your next meeting, Live View is available in the palm of your hand.

Live View in action

To get started on your mobile app, click the “Live” tab and then “See Live View”.

From big picture to deep insights

Before you dive deep into Shopify analytics, it helps to understand the big picture with Live View. Then you can explore the full dashboards and reports for a complete understanding of your store’s activity and performance.

The reality is that you’re a busy entrepreneur with a growing business to run, so you don’t always have time to dive deep into your store’s analytics. Live View ensures you have a real-time visualization of your store’s performance wherever you are, for BFCM and beyond.

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