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Kotn used Shopify Storefront API to power a headless build

Kotn was founded with a mission to set the standard for conscious creation and consumption, crafting apparel around principles of considered design, relentless quality, honest value, and positive social impact. Having launched its online store on Shopify in 2014, the brand continued to expand its product offerings to meet customer needs. With a passion for outstanding design and experience, the brand began to consider its approach to build for the next ten years of growth.

Kotn made use of Shopify Storefront API to consolidate two stores into one, with a new CMS, and custom product pages and checkout. This reduced the need for custom apps and workaround hacks, while also empowering staff to more easily manage products, inventory, sales, and customer experience.

With Shopify Plus, Kotn saw results fast.

  • The ability to make site changes much quicker than before
  • Keeping site speed fast, even during high traffic periods
  • Laying an infrastructure foundation to leverage future technology

Shopify covers 80% of our needs, and I think that’s common across all merchants. It’s that next 20% where headless comes in and where we really spend our time. What we’re trying to do is let Shopify handle the stuff they do so well, and we can focus on what makes us unique. That’s where we’ve really gone with our thinking around being headless.


Benjamin Sehl — Co-Founder


Fashion and Apparel

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Customization, Upgrades

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What business challenges are you dealing with? We can help.Get in touch