Introducing Shopify Community: An Enhanced Forums Experience


In today's sea of digital information, finding solutions relies on looking in the right place.

From searching for code snippets to helping clients with specific business needs, the right answer to your question may be hidden in the wild west of forum threads. Our job at Shopify is to simplify the detective work for you.

Introducing Shopify Community—an enhanced forums experience. Access a community of over 500,000 Shopify Partners and merchants and engage in meaningful conversations with your peers.

With improved search functionality, accepted solutions, and participation rewards, Shopify Community is your opportunity to connect with, learn from, and help ecommerce professionals around the world.

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A global community at your fingertips


Shopify Community is your new hub for information exchange on a global scale. Transcend borders with features that allow you to speak directly to merchants and other partners, receive tailored messages to suit your needs, and subscribe to keywords that are associated with your area of expertise.

The power of advanced notifications and keyword subscriptions in Shopify Community enables you to receive important information while gaining insight into current merchant frustrations. This feature opens up a world of opportunities to connect with merchants and partners in a meaningful way.

For merchants, Shopify Community is a place to find solutions to their business problems. Here, merchants can describe their problem (or ideal solution) and reach out to the community for help. If nothing exists, you can work with a merchant to come up with a solution together.

"This is your opportunity to connect with store owners and find out what services they need."

For partners, this is your opportunity to connect with store owners and find out what services they need. Ask questions, gather feedback, and work together to create solutions. Can you help them address their unique needs? Have you already built an app to address their solution? Feel free to reach out directly.

In addition, you can lean into more opportunities as you thoughtfully engage with community members through replies and private messaging. Your problem-solving prowess and willingness to help will be rewarded with badges that appear on your personal profile. The more insightful information you provide, the more you can establish yourself as a trusted source within Shopify Community.

Uncovering a supportive network of like-minded entrepreneurs will also allow you to share tricks and tips, and get expert advice on how to navigate technical hurdles. With easier access to accepted solutions and discussion groups, you’ll be able to build the network you need for success.

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Features built with you in mind

We've designed Shopify Community in the hopes of mitigating common forum frustrations. As a Shopify Partner, we want you to take full advantage of all the new features our improved forums platform offers.

Below are five features you can expect from Shopify Community.

1. Search and keyword subscriptions


One of the most notable features of Shopify Community is the ability to subscribe to particular keyword mentions via search subscriptions. Are you looking to keep up to date with a specific API? Do you consider yourself an expert in a certain programming language? Easily subscribe to stay informed and connect with others looking for solutions.

2. Access to accepted solutions


No more wasted time looking for the right answer.

As a core feature, accepted solutions allow you to mark a reply as "the solution”. Once a post is marked as solved, it’s elevated for easy access and marked as a “solved thread” in the community search and discussion board.

3. Discussion boards and private messaging


With the help of private discussion boards, you can connect with like-minded entrepreneurs to uncover insights into your next big project. Take forum discussions even further with private messaging, and connect directly to help solve merchant problems.

4. Participation rewards


To recognize our active community members for their hard work addressing merchant issues, we’ve put a reward system in place. Earn badges and ranks with accepted solutions, posts, and likes and demonstrate your expertise to the community. As a trusted source within Shopify Community, you’ll be able to lean into more opportunities.

5. Multiple languages


Growing an international or multilingual client base? Currently, we offer the ability to switch between four languages in Shopify Community: Spanish, French, Japanese, and English. Learn about the challenges faced by our multilingual communities, and find opportunities to take your business global.

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Unleash the power of Shopify Community

The sky's the limit when we can connect with others who share a similar journey.

At Shopify, we want to remove any barriers to growing your business by connecting you with a community that will help you find the solutions you need. With a centralized location for our partner ecosystem, you’ll spend less time playing detective and more time building the business of your dreams.

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