Shop Local in Denver This Holiday Season

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The Mile-High City is quickly becoming one of the most popular metropolitan shopping spots in the country. And as Denver has grown, it’s local retail scene has bloomed. Today Denver has merchants of all kinds offering a wide variety of merchandise. 

This holiday season as you’re hunting for the right gift for the friends and family members on your list, support the Denver community by purchasing from a local retailer.

We’ve compiled a list of Denver-based shops that offer online shopping, curbside pickup, or local delivery so you can put your shopping dollars towards supporting local businesses AND getting the perfect gifts.

Gifts for the sporty and outdoorsy

Denver is located at the base of the Rocky Mountains, within a day's drive of some of the world’s best hiking, rock climbing, and snow sports. Give your friends the gift of the great outdoors with something from one of these active lifestyle shops.

  • Topo Designs - Apparel and accessories for outdoor adventuring
  • TVLA - Yoga mats, straps, and blocks 
  • Ohana - Yoga-wear, tools, and yogi lifestyle accessories
  • A to Z Adventure Gear - Adventuring and outdoors equipment for kids
  • Gifts for the green thumbs

    The popularity of plants has really bloomed in the past few years. Whether you’ve got an experienced gardener or a new plant parent on your list, these stores will help you find the perfect gift.

    • ReRoot - An urban jungle selling plants, gardening services, and accessories for individuals and businesses
    • Forage Plants - House plants and accessories for your indoor garden

    Gifts for the stylish

    Looking for the trendiest new piece to delight your favorite fashionista? Or how about the perfect pair of Levis from the 1960s? You can find just that perfect thing (and more) at these Denver retailers.

    • Be A Good Person - Men and women’s themed apparel such as hoodies and sweatpants
    • Dona Forta - Sturdy women’s clothing and accessories made to last
    • Aksels - Hats, socks, hoodies, and other themed apparel to add a little fun to any wardrobe
    • Denver Darling - Women’s clothing inspired by the Mile High city itself
    • Aillea - Cruelty-free makeup and skincare
    • La Lovely Vintage - A curation of vintage and reproduction womenswear, featuring a large collection of vintage denim

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    Gifts for the arts and craftsy

    If nothing else, 2020 was the year of getting a new hobby. Buy a gift at one of these shops to delight your friend or family member whose new hobby stuck.

    Gifts for the homebodies

    We’re all spending more time at home. Why not give someone an item that will make their house brighter, cozier, or more beautiful this holiday? Purchase your loved ones something from one of these lifestyle merchants to do just that. 

    • Lolo - Home decor items including rugs, soaps, and towels
    • Conifer - A collection of nature-evoking home decor items like plants, kitchenware, and beeswax candles

    Gifts for the foodies

    Denver’s known as the Napa Valley of Beer, but its food scene is up-and-coming. Purchase a special treat for the foodie in your life from one of these food-scene merchants.

    This year, delight your friends and family with the perfect gift while shopping locally right here in Denver. And if you’re still not sure what to get, consider a gift card to one of these local shops.

    Want to add to the list? If you'd like to have your favorite Denver retail stores listed, mention them in the comments and we’ll get them added! 👇