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How SodaStream expanded its global direct-to-consumer offering and increased revenue by 20% with Shopify Plus

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Previous Platform

Adobe Commerce


Food and beverage

Use Case

B2B and wholesale, Customization, Data Integration and CRM, Growth and scale, International expansion, Upgrades


B2B, Shopify Plus


BOA Ideas

Founded in 1903, SodaStream is an eco-conscious brand that empowers consumers to turn tap water into sparkling refreshments.

Since moving to Shopify Plus, the brand has seen:

  • An increase in direct consumer revenue to 20%
  • Successful management of data from 9 million consumers
  • Global expansion to 16 websites in 15 countries within four years

The challenge

Before SodaStream started using Shopify, it faced several challenges that necessitated the switch to a new platform. Initially, SodaStream had a diverse array of assets and solutions, some of which were based on Adobe Commerce, while others relied on local solutions. This lack of uniformity across its e-commerce operations created operational inefficiencies and hindered its ability to scale.

SodaStream also needed a more agile, consumer-centric approach to adapt to changing markets and demographics. It also wanted to improve customer insights and innovate its business strategies.

So, with the help of its development agency BOA Ideas, SodaStream began its pivotal transformation to Shopify.

As a consumer goods business, we put a lot of focus on our appearance so we needed a solution that could give us the flexibility to integrate and innovate.

  • SodaStream
  • Nir Rehav — Head of Global IT

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The solution

SodaStream's strategic decision to migrate to Shopify has significantly transformed its business.

Shopify provided a robust and highly available infrastructure, allowing SodaStream to efficiently manage a diverse range of websites in various countries. This reliability was critical for a consumer goods company like SodaStream that places a strong emphasis on its online presence.

Another core advantage was Shopify’s ability to integrate with other applications. BOA ideas developed a custom Zendesk application seamlessly integrated with Shopify to streamline SodaStream’s customer support. This application empowered support agents to access and manage Shopify orders and customer information directly within Zendesk.

Shopify's flexibility in terms of templates and integrations was another key factor in SodaStream’s choice. As a brand that focuses on appearance and user experience, SodaStream found Shopify's flexibility in design and connectivity to other solutions, including marketplaces, to be invaluable. This empowered it to tailor its online stores to meet the specific needs and preferences of its customers in different regions. Additionally, Shopify's flexibility and agility allowed SodaStream to swiftly deploy new websites when entering new markets, synchronising the launch of online stores with retail stores, creating a seamless customer experience.

We were impressed at the infrastructure that would be available to us, as well as the front end flexibility. It was a significant part of the decision to migrate to Shopify.

  • SodaStream
  • Nir Rehav — Head of Global IT

SodaStream also utilised Shopify's infrastructure to build a data platform that allowed it to gather and analyse customer data. This data-driven approach empowered SodaStream to understand its consumers better and personalise its offerings, ultimately driving improved engagement and conversions.

The results

SodaStream's rapid expansion was made possible through Shopify, which allowed the launch of 16 websites in 15 countries over a four year period, built and maintained by BOA Ideas. BOA Ideas also implemented a single code base for the Shopify Plus theme, allowing SodaStream to maintain a consistent brand experience across different markets.

This shift has transformed the brand’s revenue model, with direct consumer sales increasing from an initial 2% to almost 20% of its total revenue.

The integration of Shopify with Snowflake, a cloud-based database, has greatly enhanced SodaStream's customer data management capabilities. It now manages data from over 9 million consumers, enabling a deeper understanding of its customer base and more personalised offerings.

SodaStream's venture into the B2B market with Shopify's support represents a significant strategic move. While still in its early stages, this effort is expected to digitise processes and enhance efficiency for smaller retailers, opening up new revenue streams.

What we managed to achieve is a seamless platform that is seamless, both for the consumers and for our employees.

  • SodaStream
  • Nir Rehav — Head of Global IT

The collaborative partnership between SodaStream and Shopify has led to remarkable growth, enhancing customer data management and the ability to efficiently serve both consumer and B2B markets. This success story underscores the value of selecting the right ecommerce platform for sustainable business development.

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