Take the Guesswork Out of Ecommerce Automation with New Shopify Flow Templates

Take the Guesswork Out of Ecommerce Automation with New Shopify Flow Templates

Ecommerce automation can be a game-changer for successful yet time-starved business owners — helping you streamline your work and reallocate resources to focus on growth. Since the launch of Shopify Flow, we’ve seen over 3,633 businesses offload 1.1 billion business decisions, the equivalent of 9.2 million hours.

But knowing what to automate or how to do it can be daunting. And finding the time to figure it all out may not be possible right now. The good news is that inspiration and helpful tools are just a few clicks and seconds away.

Starting today, you can browse a library of pre-made workflow templates in Shopify Flow — enabling you to easily automate multiple business processes.

How Shopify Flow Templates Work

Templates provide all of the foundational elements you need to begin automating everything from tracking and rewarding your top customers, to creating centralized views of low inventory products, and even assigning customer support tickets for negative product reviews.

There’s no need to hire a developer to build the automations for you. You can customize our most popular workflows on your own in ten seconds or less. Simply choose from templates organized by different areas of your business by visiting the Templates tab in Shopify Flow. There’s a whole library of options for you to select and start simplifying your workload right away.

How Shopify Flow Templates Work

Seven Templates to Inspire Your First Ecommerce Automations

Here’s a closer look at some of the most popular workflow templates that many of your peers have already installed on their stores …

1. Promotion: Send browser push notification after customer’s second order

Want to convert more second-time buyers into long-term repeat customers with less time spent looking at analytics dashboards for the right data? After a customer completes their second order, this workflow enables you to send them a browser push notification — if it recognizes that they are a PushOwl subscriber — to encourage further repeat purchases.

Push Owl Notification Ecommerce Automation Template

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2. Customer experience: Create a support ticket after a negative review

You no longer need to regularly monitor the reviews on your site to respond to negative feedback. With this workflow template, you can create a new help desk support ticket in Gorgias when a 1-star review is submitted in Stamped Reviews.

New review ticket creation ecommerce automation template

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3. Loyalty: Send a win-back email sequence to “at risk” customers

Need a better process to target and win-back customers that haven’t purchased in a while? By adding this template on your store, you can trigger an email sequence in Klaviyo when a customer moves to the "at risk" segment in LoyaltyLion.

Loyalty: "At Risk" customer win-back ecommerce automation template

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4. Personalization: Segment customers by purchase behavior

Stop downloading and scouring Excel spreadsheets to find and segment customers by their buying habits. This template enables you to tag customers by their buying preferences for personalization and targeted marketing purposes.

Customer segmentation based on order created ecommerce automation template

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5. Inventory: Create a task in Asana when product inventory is low

You can say goodbye to manually monitoring inventory with this popular template. Simply add a task to an Asana project when a product variant’s inventory drops below a specific threshold. Then, you’ll be able to have one view of all your low-stock products so anyone on your team can see it.

Asana task created ecommerce automation template

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6. Orders: Email logistics team when orders need to be expedited

Automated ecommerce workflows can make your fulfillment process faster and smoother, especially during high-volume periods like Black Friday. Send an email notification to your logistics team via this template for orders that have paid for expedited shipping and add a tag for easy organization.

Expedited order ecommerce automation template to email logistics team

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7. Risk: Get notified about high-risk orders before capturing payment

This template will save you money and time spent looking for fraudulent orders. Immediately after you add it on your store, you’ll start receiving emails prompting a review of high-risk orders before capturing payment. Please note that you must have payments set to manual capture.

High risk order notification prior to capturing payment ecommerce automation template

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Setup Ecommerce Automation Workflows in Seconds

It’s never been easier to start implementing automation on your Shopify store. With a pre-made template, you can get started in ten seconds or less. Investing the short time upfront is worth every minute, hour, and day you’ll gain back to focus on growing your business faster. And thousands of Shopify Plus businesses are already reaping the benefits. Will you be next?

If you haven’t done so already, you can easily add Flow for free to your store. If you have questions about this feature or building your own custom workflow, head to the Flow discussion board in the Shopify Forums.

Add Flow to your store

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