Announcing the New Shopify Plus Partner Program

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The high-volume merchants who use Shopify Plus are faced with a unique set of challenges when building their ecommerce presence. They require a platform that is scalable and flexible for their specific needs, and their success in ecommerce often relies upon strategic partnerships that help drive their online business to the next level.

To ensure they’re at the forefront of the industry and on top of emerging trends, these brands look to partner with innovative, creative firms to help drive their strategy and success — and we want to help facilitate these interactions within our Shopify ecosystem.

We’re proud to announce the new Shopify Plus Partner Program — a way to connect directly with our high-volume Shopify Plus merchants. 

What is the Shopify Plus Partner Program?

The Shopify Plus Partner Program is our way of introducing our top partners with the growing number of Shopify Plus merchants. Our team will remove the hassle from working with high-volume clients by providing you with the resources needed for success. That includes selling tools, marketing documents, and increased visibility among Shopify Plus merchants.

Shopify Plus Partners are international full-service agencies or integrators and designers with specialized expertise on Shopify Plus offering a range of bespoke services that meet the needs of large businesses and projects. Partners accepted into the program will receive their own listing page in the new Plus Partners Marketplace where Plus merchants will go to request services.

Get started with Shopify Plus

We’ve put together a suite of tools to help you get started on your path to becoming a Shopify Plus Partner. From pitch decks to training guides, our free Shopify Plus Toolkit contains everything you need to start identifying prospects, upgrading existing clients, and selling Shopify Plus to high-volume merchants.


Grow your business with the Shopify Partner Program

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