NYC, London, Montreal, Austin: Say Hello to the Shopify Partner Accelerator

Shopify Partner Accelerator

We want to make it easier for you to find your first client; make your first hire; build your first empire.

When we launched our Shopify Partner Studio earlier this year, our headline proudly read, “Why We Rented an Office in NYC and Gave it Away for Free.” But it became so much more than that. Along the way, we realized it’s not just about offering free office space, or giving ecommerce creatives the opportunity to co-work — it’s about building a breeding ground for the next generation of world-class web design and development professionals.

Today, we introduce you to part two in our coworking and collaboration journey: The Shopify Partner Accelerator.

We rented four offices in four major cities from WeWorka global platform that provides workspaces, services, and benefits, and we’re putting out a call to freelancers.

Are you interested in coworking, collaboration, Shopify mentorship, and the opportunity to hypercharge your freelance design or development business? If so, this opportunity is for you.

The application period for the Shopify Partner Accelerator is now closed.
Thank you for your interest and keep an eye on the Shopify Web Design and Development Blog for future initiatives.

What is the Shopify Partner Accelerator?

The Shopify Partner Accelerator enables creative professionals from the ecommerce industry to come together, work on Shopify projects, and grow their technical and entrepreneurial skills faster than they would be able to anywhere else.

Our three-month intensive program has expanded to include four different locations across North America and Europe: New York City, USA; Montreal, Canada; London, England; and Austin, USA.

Not only will successful applicants work in stunning WeWork co-working spaces, they’ll also receive exclusive mentorship, attend hands-on workshops, and meet with Shopify leadership, key members of our development team, and long-time Shopify Experts.

This program is for you if:

  • You’re new to freelancing or want help improving your business/freelance/web design/development skills
  • You want to collaborate with like-minded professionals in your area
  • You want or need a co-working space
  • You want to work closely with Shopify

WeWork Offices

WeWork is one of the world’s premier co-working organizations, with over 100 locations and 65,000 members around the globe. They provide stunning work spaces, and focus on building organic communities through meaningful business services and events.

Shopify Partner Accelerator residents will be able to access all educational and business events provided by WeWork, in addition to Shopify programming.

Each office is centrally located, and include some awesome perks like:

  • Fully furnished workspace
  • 24/7 access to the building
  • Conference rooms across all WeWork locations globally
  • Login to the Member Network of WeWork members internationally
  • Access to WeWork buildings in all other cities
  • Invitations to all events and office hours
  • Phone booths
  • Fast and secure Wifi + Ethernet connection
  • 120 black and white prints, 20 color prints a month per desk
  • Access to discounts and deals from partner companies
  • Mail and package handling
  • Guest reception
  • Free coffee and beer on tap

… Did you catch that last one?

Take a look at each of the four locations that will be hosting the Shopify Partner Accelerator:

London - WeWork Aldgate Tower

Shopify Partner Accelerator: London

Location: Aldgate Tower 2 Leman Street

Did you know? The building includes one of the largest event spaces in London (if you like hosting events/parties, this place is for you)

Feels: Bright and open. The 17-story glass tower building means the space is filled with light, while the open concept floor plan creates lots of opportunity for collaboration.

Includes: Conference rooms, bike storage, weekly events, micro-roasted coffee, high speed internet, spacious common areas

New York City - WeWork 5th Ave

Shopify Partner Accelerator New York City

Location: 404 5th Ave

Did you know? This space includes a brainstorming and wellness room.

Feels: Modern and warm. High ceilings and lots of natural light give this spot a chill vibe.

Amenities: Arcade room, event space, mothers’ room, weekly events, conference rooms, micro-roasted coffee.

Montreal - WeWork Place Ville Marie

Shopify Partner Accelerator Montreal

Location: 3 Place Ville Marie, Montreal

Did you know? This WeWork location is located above the world’s largest underground shopping center.

Feels: Like a one-of-a-kind downtown address. In the middle of it all, this sleek office offers views of the Champlain Bridge, and access to almost every kind of transportation you could ever need.

Amenities: Bike storage, weekly events, mothers’ room, micro-roasted coffee, conference rooms, unique common areas.

Austin - WeWork University Park

Shopify Partner Accelerator Austin

Location: 3300 N Interstate Highway 35, Austin

Did you know? Four-legged friends are welcome at this WeWork location, and there are nearby dog parks perfect for work breaks.

Feels: Vibrant with stunning views. Floor-to-ceiling windows reveal the city’s Central Business District tucked among the rolling hills of Austin.

Amenities: Weekly events, on-site fitness center, conference rooms, private phone booths, micro-roasted coffee, spacious common areas, fruit water.

What to expect

The Shopify Partner Accelerator will be an intensive and fast-paced three month experience. A few things to expect from this program:

  • The program starts on October 3, 2016 and ends on December 31, 2016. Turnaround time between applying and starting is quick — make sure your schedule can accommodate.
  • We’ll expect you to work from the co-working space a minimum of three days a week.
  • You’ll need to work on something Shopify specific while you’re in the program. We’re not necessarily asking you to complete a client project in three months, but we are looking for projects, whether virtual or in real life, that relate to Shopify and show off your skills and progress. A few examples include:
    • A series of Shopify-specific blog posts
    • A new demo store that shows off a specific skillset
    • A UI kit to be used by other Shopify Partners
    • Organizing and hosting a Shopify Meetup
  • At the end of your three months, you’ll present what you’ve been working on to members of the Shopify team, for a chance at earning Shopify Expert status — where we will actively send you leads so that your days of searching for clients are over.


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