Shopify VS Magento

Instead of showing you another one of these...

Invented online shopping

Will water your plants while you're away

Loves you for who you are*

* Premium plans only

...we know you'd rather hear from real ex-Magento customers

With Magento, you must have someone who is a Magento developer unless you want to invest LOTS of time learning how to use it. Especially if you want a custom site. I like the way that it handles products a little better than the way Shopify does. That is one reason that we almost went to MagentoGo. But you get zero support unless you are willing to spend $25k a year to be Enterprise level with MagentoGo. With Shopify, you can set up a store with minimal PC experience and concentrate on what is important, selling and taking care of your customers. The level of support with Shopify is outstanding. That is what really what won us over from the first email to Shopify.

John Talentino, Toyota of McDonough

Just to let you know: I was about to launch a MagentoGo-based website/webshop when I discovered Shopify. So I switched last week, and I think it's a great decision.

I'm just unhappy I discovered you so late because I lost some money and three months.

Alain Berteau, ex-Magento Go customer

I tried Magento and 3DCart on my store but the easiest to operate and to modify the design is definitely Shopify.

Francois Chaput,

Just Moved from Magento Enterprise to Shopify. So far, we are thrilled with the results...

We made the data move, re-design and platform change all in 30 days.

I think we made the right decision too, we've spent less than $1,000 so far, compared to $25,000+ and our site is easier to navigate, more responsive and converting better already. :)

Greg Nelson, Nebraska REDZONE

Your admin interface is super clean and way ahead of Magento Go which is clunky by comparison, your API was much better documented, it took us two weeks to integrate Magento Go to our systems and only two days to integrate Shopify.

Your templates are much better looking and the general feel of the out of the box stores is much more contemporary.

Luke Ferris, Techify