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Life Interiors redesigns its digital journey to support its $100m revenue goal

Life Interiors living area

Life Interiors is a design-led, technology-enabled, direct-to-consumer retailer with a passion for delivering fashionable and contemporary furniture to style-minded Australians. As the end of life date approached on its old ecommerce platform, the company decided to look elsewhere for a new one to support the company's future growth to reach $100 million in revenue.

Despite having a small team, Life Interiors was able to replatform to Shopify Plus in six months, and after just two months it began to see significant performance results. By utilizing the Draft Orders feature, Life Interiors’ product orders have shot up since migrating, taking a once manual, tedious process and streamlining it, resulting in time saved and higher conversions, too.

Shopify Plus is a specialist and best-of-breed in the ecommerce and retail omnichannel industry. As a direct-to-consumer brand, Shopify Plus empowers us to achieve our ambitions and our vision, as well.

Life Interiors

Basil Karam — CEO and Co-Founder


Home Furnishing

Tidligere platform

Adobe Commerce

Use case

Replatforming and Upgrades

Med Shopify fik Life Interiors hurtige resultater.


Increase in conversion rate


Increase in revenue


Increase in average order value

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