The Hidden Costs of Fulfillment After Candylab Toys Raised $118K on Kickstarter

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Finding the perfect price point for your products can be an unforeseen challenge for some entrepreneurs. 

Between your manufacturer and your consumer and all the logistical costs incurred in between, there's a lot involved in putting just the right price tag on your products.

On today’s podcast you’ll hear from Vlad Dragusin of Candylab Toys, maker of wood toy cars inspired by the American automobile of the 60s, about the unexpected cost of fulfillment he encountered after raising $118K on Kickstarter, and what he recommends you look out for.

In this episode, you'll learn:

  • How to approach your personal network to promote your product.
  • Why the hidden costs in logistics are especially dangerous.
  • Why you should figure out how much it costs your manufacturer to produce your products.

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Show notes:

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