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Swym is a shopper engagement platform for e-commerce merchants. We make it easy for merchants to adapt the shopping experience on their websites to solve their unique challenges and workflows. They leverage our platform to make it easy for shoppers to pick up where they left off, to collaborate with others throughout their shopping journey and to deploy high performance retargeting campaigns. We are a global offering with over 35,000 merchants from 100+ countries using our application.

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April 2024


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The Swym team has been an integral part of our strategy for the app. They have shown us areas of growth that we can capitalize on and best practices amongst the industry. They were able to listen to our needs and provide solutions to solve any problems we came across.

Allison Gagnon, Director of eCommerce OperationsTibi

We have had an amazing increase of revenue coming from Wishlist in the short time we've used it. We also love the integration with Klayvio and look forward to building on that.

Rylee Arnold, E-commerce ManagerLane 201

We are very happy with Wishlist Plus features and the integration that they provide with Klaviyo. We wanted to be able to brand our Wishlist emails in the same style as our Campaign sends; we have the ability to do so with the integration that Swym and Klaviyo provide.

Alexandra Caldwell, Digital ManagerCredo