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Speed Engineering enhances end-to-end customer experience by migrating

Speed Engineering, an automotive performance parts retailer and manufacturer, struggled to manage product volume on their previous platform. This was causing site speed performance issues for customers and a clunky backend for the engineering team. Additionally, because of a complex backend management system, updates were challenging and led to security issues that required Speed Engineering to run advanced IP blocking with Cloudflare in the evenings to keep the site up. To streamline and revitalize their digital presence, the team at Speed Engineering brought in Shopify Plus Partner, Guidance, to help resolve their most pressing challenges.

With Shopify Plus, Guidance was able to simplify the company’s complex data feeds, allowing easy indexing and fast product rendering. Guidance integrated ShipStation to manage inventory directly through the backend of Shopify Plus. By simplifying the way Speed Engineering’s data and product feeds were integrated, Guidance also helped eliminate the company’s previous security challenges. Speed Engineering’s ecommerce website now serves customers more effectively through fast search and a seamless checkout experience.

With Shopify Plus, Speed Engineering saw results fast.

  • Improved site performance to elevate customer experience
  • Eliminated security issues
  • Enabled end-to-end inventory management directly through Shopify Plus

Speed Engineering’s switch to Shopify Plus has been essential to unlocking their growth. Our approach to migrating their business helped Speed Engineering enhance their customer experience online while simplifying their workflow and protecting their customers. In addition, the simplification has made their site easier to manage, saving the team valuable time.


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