New to Your Partner Dashboard: Transferred Stores and Better Payouts Data

partner dashboard

Keeping track of your referrals, and how they contribute to your bottom line, is important to growing your business.

With that in mind, today we’re launching the addition of transferred stores to the Development stores page of your Partner Dashboard, as well as introducing more detailed information to your Payouts page.

Tracking transferred stores

Traditionally, handing off a development store to a client meant it disappeared from your Development stores page and nestled itself under your Referrals.

Now, with the new transferred stores tab, you can see the full lifecycle of your Shopify projects from a single view — making it easier than ever to track, and access, development stores that you’ve handed over to clients.

As before, transferring a store is simple:

  1. Click your completed store in the Development stores page.
  2. Click on Transfer store to client.
  3. Select the new owner from the dropdown list and your suggested Shopify plan.
  4. (Optional) Draft a quick message congratulating the merchant on their new Shopify store.
  5. Click on Transfer store to client to finish the handoff process.

Once your client has picked a plan and added their credit card information, the store will appear in your transferred stores tab as a transferred store that you’ll start earning revenue share on.

It’s that easy.

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Intuitive payouts

Want to know exactly how Shopify pays you for your referrals? Not just a total sum, but a comprehensive overview of your different referral activities?

With the newly redesigned Payouts page, you can see exactly how much money you’ve earned from your transferred stores and affiliate link referrals — showing you exactly which part of your monthly payout is from recurring revenue share, and which is from new affiliate bounties.

partner dashboard: example

This is an example of the new transferred stores tab that you’ll be able to see in your Partner Dashboard as of today.

"Quickly see which stores you’ve transferred to a client, which stores you’ve referred through your affiliate link, and which plan these referrals have chosen."

Quickly see which stores you’ve transferred to a client, which stores you’ve referred through your affiliate link, and which plan these referrals have chosen. Simply navigate to the Payouts page and you’ll be greeted with an intuitive dashboard that shows you exactly how you’re getting paid for each store and merchant you refer...

No more guessing.

No more cross referencing payouts data with data from the Referrals page.

No more hunting for the information you need.

Better data to show the value of your Shopify work

With the ability to track the stores you’ve handed off to clients, as well as better correlate your payouts to your referrals, you and your team can enjoy a more intuitive Partner Dashboard that supports the logistics side of your Shopify client work.

We’re confident that these updates will help you better calculate the ROI of your ecommerce projects, and more proactively plan the growth of your business. 🙂

Testing out these new dashboard features? Let us know what you think in the comments below!


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