How Content Marketing Powered $2 Million in Sales For This Lifestyle Brand

man outfitters

Many businesses today are investing in content marketing as a way to draw attention to their products. 

However, some exceptional brands started off producing original content before monetizing it with an ecommerce component.

Case in point: Man Outfitters scours the planet for the best products from the coolest brands like Patagonia, Filson, and Cole Haan to deliver a painless shopping experience. But before that its creators were publishing funny one-liners on humor websites.

In this episode we talk to Madison Whickham and Nick Bravo, two entrepreneurs who launched 6 different websites to power their ecommerce stores with entertaining on-brand content.   

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How they created a content site that eventually became an ecommerce site.
  • How successful you have to get before bigger brands are interested in wholesaling to you.
  • What it takes to run 6 different sites that have new content updated daily.

Listen to Shopify Masters below…

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