Facebook Checkout: How To Use Shop Pay on Facebook and Instagram

An Image of checkout on Instagram with Shop Pay

We know that faster checkouts leads to more sales. The longer it takes to make a purchase, the more drop-off points are introduced into the shoppers’ purchasing path. 

That’s why we launched Shop Pay—the fastest-converting checkout on the internet, which is now available on Instagram and Facebook for US business owners. By enabling an accelerated checkout directly in the shopping experience, you can streamline the entire discovery-to-sale process and allow shoppers to find your brand and purchase your product in the same place. 

You can easily set up checkout on the Facebook & Instagram Channel. By setting up checkout, you’ll get access to exclusive shopping features to enable more ways for you to connect with your audiences, including Shopping from Creators and Product Launches. 

Note: The checkout feature is only available to Shopify businesses in the United States. 

A fast and seamless buyer experience

Anywhere a shopper sees a product tag button or views your Facebook Shop, they can discover and make a purchase in just one tap with Shop Pay. Once a purchase is made, your customer can track their package in the Shop app for a seamless experience from discovery to delivery.

The benefits

Shop Pay is the answer to faster in-app purchases for customers and higher conversion for business owners. After the first time a customer uses Shop Pay, their details are stored, secured, and pre-populated on their next purchase to speed them through checkout. We know re-entering credit card or personal information creates a tedious brand experience, and the longer checkout takes, the higher the risk of cart abandonment. That’s why we made Shop Pay, for frictionless one-tap purchases. Shop Pay makes it easy for your customers to buy your products when and where they want. 

Use Shop Pay on Facebook and Instagram to:

  • Reduce friction. Offer your customers a safe, fast, and hassle-free option to speed through checkout.
  • Boost conversion with one-tap checkouts. Shop Pay has an average checkout-to-order rate of 1.72 times higher than regular checkouts and moves customers through the process four times faster.
  • Unlock exclusive features on Instagram. With checkout enabled on your store, you’ll get access to exclusive features to connect with your audience in new ways, including Shopping from Creators, and Product Launches. 
  • Attract more buyers. Appeal to the 100 million shoppers that already use Shop Pay. 
  • Create brand loyalty. Turn first-time buyers into lifetime customers. Orders tracked with the Shop app lead to a 9.5% higher reorder rate, thanks to in-app recommendations from your store. Plus, order info captured on Facebook and Instagram syncs back to your Shopify admin. 
  • Invest in a greener future. Shop Pay reduces the environmental impact of your deliveries by planting trees at no extra cost. 

The proof

After launching Shop Pay, we conducted a survey of 10,000 of the largest Shopify business owners who had Shop Pay enabled. From mid-January to mid-February 2020, we tracked their conversions on mobile and desktop devices. From discovery to conversion, sales through Shop Pay beat all other checkouts. Shop Pay’s conversion advantage is evident across both mobile and desktop, but it’s especially impressive across mobile, earning 1.91 times times higher conversions than regular checkouts. 

With Shop Pay’s seamless experience, all that’s required is a verification code, so customers can purchase what they want much faster and in fewer steps directly on Instagram and Facebook.

Unlock new features by enabling checkout 

By enabling checkout on Instagram and Facebook with Shop Pay, you’ll get access to exclusive features on Instagram.

Product launches on Instagram 

Product launches are a key way to leverage Instagram and engage with your loyal buyers. The product launch feature allows you to tag and build awareness around products that will soon be available. You can use Instagram tools like Stories and Reels to drive awareness and build excitement for the upcoming launch amongst your followers.

Shopping from creators 

When you set up checkout, you’ll get access to the shopping from creators feature. This gives creators the ability to tag products from your brand directly in their own posts to increase discoverability and amplify your reach. Start with friends, family, and employees, and consider any creators or influencers you may have worked with on campaigns, or people who have received your products as gifts. 

Best practices to drive conversion 

The best shops will use clear, consistent, and descriptive product pages. Customers will want to see consistency between what’s on your Instagram and Facebook account and what’s on your product pages.

The best product pages will have relevant information a shopper will want to know about your products, including product dimensions and details like weight, color, and material. Without being in a physical store, you’ll want potential customers to know how your product will fit.

High-quality photos are crucial to drive customers from discovery to purchase. Not only do your photos need to look right, they also need to showcase your products in a way that stands out from what your competitors are doing.

Make content actionable by including product tags across Stories, Reels, and feed posts to build a shopping experience across multiple formats. Ensure your calls to action (CTAs) are clear and concise. 

When you enable checkout with Shop Pay, share the good news with your followers by educating both potential and current customers on checkout through showing them how they can purchase in-app using Shop Pay. You can create a video showing someone clicking your post and making a purchase, for example. Pinning this to your Stories will display checkout with Shop Pay front and center.

Convert more buyers and get started with checkout 

You don’t have to log in to Facebook or Instagram to enable checkout; setup is managed through the Facebook & Instagram channel. 

If you’re new to the Facebook channel:

  1. Install the Facebook & Instagram channel.
  2. Onboard to Facebook Shops or Instagram Shopping feature within the Facebook channel. 
  3. Follow the onboarding steps, and when selecting the checkout method, select Directly on Facebook or Instagram, and then click Save.
  4. Finish the next steps. Once complete, Shop Pay will automatically be enabled with checkout. 

If you’re already using Instagram Shopping or Facebook Shops:

  1. Click Settings within the Facebook & Instagram channel. 
  2. Click Commerce settings, and within the Checkout method section, select the checkout method Directly on Facebook and Instagram. 
  3. Finish the steps to getting set up. Once complete, Shop Pay will automatically be enabled with checkout.

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