Flash sale checklist

Take control of your peak selling seasons

Run the world’s largest flash sale with this 20-step checklist.

Sell out in seconds any day of the year

Cashing in without crashing out

Load test your checkout or third-party apps? Find out what parts of your site performance you need to test—and what your backup should be if things don’t go according to plan.

Winning checkouts and hearts

Sitewide discount or limited collections? Find out how to choose the best discount strategy and create buyer frenzy. Then learn how to make customers love your brand, including the best time to start (and stop) your sale.

Handling logistics at scale

Flat rates or custom shipping options? Find out the answer to this question and more, including how to streamline—or better yet, prevent—refunds, and how to predict demand and stock inventory so you don’t sell out.

Top flash sellers save time and make money on autopilot. Find out what they know.


in revenue earned by brands using Shopify Plus automation tools


of flash sellers schedule product drops and sales to start at this time of day

Flash sales can generate more traffic than Super Bowl ads watched by 100 million people. But you must plan early. You must configure your online store to survive and thrive during traffic spikes.

Flash Sale Checklist, p.12

Break your sales records without breaking your website in 20 steps