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  • A professional-looking ecommerce site designed in minutes using our website builder
  • Standards-compliant, fully customizable templates provided free to use with your account
  • Complete control over your website's HTML and CSS
  • Flexible layout of dynamic content via the Liquid templating language
  • Media assets linked to individual products or your shop as a whole
  • A network of fellow Shopify designers eager to discuss new tips and strategies on our forums

CMS product management

  • Easy to add, list, edit, and organize products using our streamlined CMS interface
  • Inventory tracking for whichever products you want
  • Drag-and-drop ordering of product images
  • Multiple variants for each product allow options with unique inventory tracking, prices, weights
  • Keyword tags to aid in searching and browsing within your ecommerce shop
  • Don’t want to do shipping? Let someone else do it for you through one of our supported fulfillment services such as Fulfillment by Amazon.


  • New order notifications via email, RSS, and on your mobile phone with SMS messaging
  • Email customers from within Shopify
  • Track payment and shipping status on orders with detailed reports
  • Customizable views of your orders filtered by their current status
  • Orders can be exported in CSV format to use in your spreadsheets
  • Realtime notifications for orders using WebHooks
  • Order cancellation with automated chargeback option

CMS admin interface

  • Uncluttered interface letting you manage your ecommerce shop without getting in your way
  • Streamlined dashboard showing you vital shop information each time you log in
  • Interactive real-time statistics panel
  • Inventory warnings placed in the sidebar to let you know when products are out of stock
  • Blogs, pages, and site navigation all managed through intuitive administration screens
  • A full featured Asset system which lets you use and re-use your stock photography, logos or product PDF’s wherever you need them.

Ecommerce marketing

  • Shopify's CMS was designed by SEO experts so your store will rank in Google, Yahoo and Bing
  • One click submission to Google Product Search comparison shopping search engine
  • Ability to create coupon codes for percentage or fixed amount off, free shipping, etc.
  • XML Sitemap automatically generated for search engine indexing
  • Enter comparison prices to indicate sales or to set you apart from the competition
  • Shopify's blog and "Guru" coaches help with tips and tricks to get more sales

Under the hood

  • Certified Level 1 PCI compliant to ensure the security of your customer data
  • Built on a foundation of open source technology that is constantly being tuned and improved
  • Developed with the powerfully agile and expressive Ruby on Rails web framework
  • Hosted on our secure and expertly maintained Debian Linux servers, guarded by ultra secure OpenBSD firewalls
  • Secure domain name hosting
  • Backed by the reliability and speed of MySQL databases
  • Operating from a World class data center
  • Compatible with many direct payment processors