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Shop users can log in on your forms with their account, automatically save and apply discounts, and check out in one click with Shop Pay.

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Collect information your way

Time and target

Create popup and inline forms. Add fields like birthday, phone number, or custom fields like product interest to capture additional information. Decide where and when each form shows up on your store.

Customize for your brand

Easily add your brand colors and logo to each form. Personalize everything from titles and descriptions to post-sign up success messaging.

Offer discounts

Incentivize buyers with exclusive discount codes. Discounts will automatically apply at checkout for Shop Pay users.

Connect & convert

Create customers for life

Engage your new customers in just a few clicks with Shopify’s free automation and email tools, which work seamlessly with Shopify Forms. Flip the switch and put conversion-driven marketing campaigns on autopilot.

  • Welcome emails
  • Newsletters
  • Seasonal sales
  • Personalized recommendations

Evaluate & iterate

Data at your fingertips

First-party data

Grow your business with your data—not someone else’s. Collect, own, and leverage customer information thanks to a centralized, compliant platform.

Actionable insights

The forms dashboard lets you see how potential customers engage with your forms. Use metrics to inform and improve future campaigns.

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Frequently asked questions

An email capture form is an interactive display that offers customers value (like a discount or special access) in exchange for their consent to receive marketing from your business.
Email capture forms help you make the most of every visit to your store, even if a customer isn’t ready to buy yet. Once they’re set up, your forms incentivize visitors to opt into your marketing list at every visit. As your list grows, you have more people you can reach via email campaigns and marketing automations to promote your new products and convert more sales.
Once visitors have signed up using your form, you can reach them using email marketing, by sending them emails directly and by automating emails to reach them at exactly the right time. Shopify Email helps you create, customize, and send emails using pre-built templates that are populated with your store’s colors and branding, and it’s free for up to 10,000 email sends every month. You can also turn on Shopify’s free marketing automation templates, like abandoned cart emails and first-purchase upsells, to reach shoppers after they’ve taken action on your store.

To entice shoppers to opt in to your email list, you can set up one of the following common offers to your form.

  • Discounts: Add an existing discount to your form with a few clicks, and your form’s default text will update to feature the details of the discount.
  • Exclusive access: You can offer subscribers special content they can only get by email, invites to in-person events, or early access to future sales or new product drops. Just customize the text of your form to quickly communicate the benefits to your shoppers.
Shopify Forms comes pre-populated with default options, but we recommend customizing your form to suit your brand and highlight the right offers for your business. Tweak the phrasing to reflect your brand’s voice and tone, change the offer or add a discount, and select your brand colors so the form feels like it’s part of the overall experience.
A great next step after setting up your form is to turn on your welcome email automation, and customize your welcome email. Both of these steps are available for free in the Shopify admin and take just minutes to set up, so you can send every new subscriber an on-brand message in their inbox as soon as they join your list.

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