Shopify Inbox

Turn browsers into buyers using the power of chat

Manage customer conversations, create automated messages, and get insights to focus on chats that convert, all from Shopify Inbox.

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A open chat window displays a conversation about an order between a store staff member and a customer. An image of a woman represents the staff member’s comments and an image of a man represents the customer’s response.

How Shopify Inbox works

Set it up on your store

Add Shopify Inbox for free and customize online store chat, welcome messages, and more from the online store editor.

Chat anytime from anywhere

Talk to customers and manage conversations with ease from the mobile app or web.

Answer instantly

Get AI-generated answers to the most commonly asked questions, so shoppers get the info they need right away.

Harness powerful insights

Turn conversations into checkouts

Cart actions

Get insights into what customers have in their cart when you talk to them using online store chat.

Discount codes

Share custom discount codes over chat to close sales and turn a one-time shopper into a loyal customer.

Message classification

Identify conversations that are likely to lead to a sale with automatic message classification.

Business owner sits at her desk in her back office and uses Shopify Inbox to chat with a customer on her mobile device. She shares a discount code in the chat to close the sale.

more than customer support

70% of Shopify Inbox conversations are with customers making a purchasing decision

Empower yourself and your team

Help more customers in less time

Business owner is standing in her back office carrying a box while doing inventory. Three instant answers are showing on screen, this feature of Shopify Inbox helps customers help themselves without the need for live chat.

Drive conversion with instant answers

Shopify Magic suggests personalized FAQs and responses for your store. Review and publish instant answers that are crafted to your business in your store's chat window, moving buyers closer to a sale.

Generate smart replies


Quickly respond to live chat inquiries with help from Shopify Magic. Review, edit, and respond to drive top-of-funnel conversions, turning more chats into checkouts.

Order status

Spend less time on customer support and send automated order status updates over online store chat.

Shopify Inbox is a powerful tool... it helps me rescue sales after spending time, money, and energy getting a customer to that point. It pays huge dividends.

Wood Wood Toys

Rennie Wood — Owner

The power to chat on your terms

Customers expect answers fast, and the pressure to respond in real time is a challenge for most businesses. But with Shopify Inbox, you can deliver high-quality messages without the need for live business chat.

Automated messages

Greet customers with automated messages so they feel welcome, and let them know when you're available for real-time help.

Follow up with email

Collect customer information at the start of the chat and continue conversations over email without leaving Shopify Inbox.

An image of the business owner's back office in the evening. There's a chat window open with an away message telling the customer that live chat isn't available. Shopify Inbox captures email and phone numbers so the business owner can contact customers in the future.

Resources to help you get started

Help center

Learn more about Shopify Inbox.

Case study

Discover how Wood Wood Toys uses chat to grow their business.


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Turn browsers into buyers using the power of chat

Shopify Inbox is a free business chat app built right into your admin.

Don't have a Shopify store? Get started with a 3-day free trial.