Make every touchpoint your next point of sale

Learn how to create (and execute) a strong omnichannel strategy with this hands-on guide.

Your customers aren’t on one channel. They’re on all of them.

Mapping the customer journey

A strong omnichannel strategy accurately maps the customer journey and delivers a personalized experience at each stage. Find out how to identify your top conversion paths.

Omnichannel marketing

The best omnichannel approach is holistic. Get insights from top DTC brands like Perry Ellis and Rebecca Minkoff, which use omnichannel marketing to increase their in-store sales.

Fulfilling omnichannel commerce

An omnichannel strategy isn’t just about sales across channels—it’s about inventory and fulfillment too. Find out which systems and tools can help you execute efficiently across channels.

Turn random channel hopping into strategic omnichannel shopping


Proportion of shoppers that use multiple channels before making a purchase


Increase in revenue for brands that sell across online marketplaces, mobile, social media, and physical locations

Omnichannel retail doesn’t need you to be everywhere—just everywhere your customers are. It involves integrating each touchpoint to offer customers exactly what they need, when they need it, on any device.

Omnichannel Commerce Guide, p.7

Sell where your customers shop today and tomorrow