Introducing Homework—A Series Taking You Inside the Minds of Kid Founders

Illustration of a group of kids 6-9 years old, in an air balloon that is travelling over a countryside and a cityscape, but the air balloon is made out of a lightbulb to illustrate their ideas.

Homework time (groan). In this series, we explore the lives of ordinary kids with not-so-ordinary hobbies. Between soccer practice and school work and swimming lessons, these youngsters also run successful businesses—sometimes with a bit of grown-up help. 

As these remarkable kids were preparing to head back to school, they took time from their busy summer schedules to complete an extra homework assignment. They share some of their favorite things—from sloths and surfing to Marie Curie—and what it’s like to be the boss.

You’ll meet:

  • The school-aged CEO of a kids’ jewelry company
  • A kindergartener who hates school but loves Spider-Man and making bath bombs 
  • One of three young brothers who founded a candle company that gives back to those who are homeless
  • A STEM-obsessed 10-year-old inventor and public speaker
  • Two brothers leveling up their love of the ocean
  • And more kid founders each week

Are you a parent or a teacher of a kid who runs a business? Tell us more.

Illustration by João Fazenda