Campaigns and flash sales

Drop products, not sales

Make the most of your product drops and flash sales with higher checkouts per minute, built-in bot protection, and automated event scheduling.

Speed and performance

The biggest flash sellers in the world choose Shopify Plus


Total sales so far from
millions of Shopify businesses


Annual online revenue
made by our largest brands


Peak checkouts per minute
across Shopify and counting

Shopify Plus has been a game-changer for our performance, efficiency, and daily operations. Today we can launch our weekly new products and promotions in just 30 minutes versus 10 hours previously. The efficiency gains have given us more time to create personalized shopping experiences and customer services.

  • Natasya Syatira — E-Commerce Manager, Jovian

Bot protection

Stop the bots, scale the sale

It’s your business—and your customer. Cut out middlemen to deliver a personalized, branded shopping experience as cutting edge as your products. Online. Offline. Anywhere.

Having one back end for multiple sites saves time. Now, if we have different offers for different markets, we can customise each offer to each market’s online store.

  • Tiffany Chng — Co-Founder and Marketing Director, Cheak

Rest easy knowing Launchpad is awake

Schedule your product drops and flash sales ahead of time with Launchpad, an exclusive Shopify Plus automation tool.

Already on Shopify Plus? Install Launchpad today


Take the stress out of sales

Campaigns and sales don’t have to mean late nights. Automation eliminates the complexity of running events, turning them into streamlined opportunities for your brand.

  • Release products and update inventory across channels
  • Apply discounts to specific products or entire collections
  • Design campaign themes and update them automatically
  • Revert your changes when the event ends

Had we not migrated our ecommerce business to Shopify Plus, we would likely not have seen appreciated customer demand for our products. Instead, with the growth that we have seen, we have an even greater confidence in investing in our direct-to-consumer channel.

  • Debbie Soon — Head of Consumer Products, One Championship


Streamline your customer experience

With automated events in Launchpad, you control the experience from start to finish. Design campaign themes to put the spotlight on your featured products. And make it easy for customers to find new inventory, special discounts, or exclusive sales.

Real-time monitoring

Boost conversion with smart data

Understand your sale performance better through data. Serve your customers better through insight.

Launchpad shows your top-selling products, total orders, and total sales in real time, so you know exactly how to plan future events.

The more we automate, the more money we save. Automation allows us to focus on growing the business instead of the repetitive tasks that slow us down.

  • Christopher Tran — IT Ecommerce Manager, 100% Pure

Break sales records without breaking your website