Shopify Editions: The Biggest Shopify POS updates from Winter ’23

Roundup of Shopify POS releases at Shopify Edition Winter '23

There’s a lot to love about selling online and in-person. But brands still face a slew of challenges to do so effectively. Often, they need to use multiple tools to get the functionality required to effectively manage all aspects of their retail operation: inventory, staff, customers, payments, and sales. 

This year for the Winter ’23 Edition, we’re announcing solutions to help brands of all sizes consolidate their tech stack and do more with Shopify POS—whether you want to bring mobile checkout to your stores, open shops in new markets, improve your inventory management processes, get tighter control over staff permissions, or supercharge your store’s checkout. 

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This blog features just a few of more than 100 new products, features, and updates available to Shopify merchants. Visit the Shopify Editions, Winter ’23 hub to discover them all and learn what they can help you accomplish today.

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Sell anywhere your customers are with POS Go

Meet Shopify POS Go—our all-in-one POS device that lets you accept payments, close sales, and stay on top of your business everywhere. 

Loaded with Retail OS—Shopify’s POS software—POS Go lets you look up inventory, pull up customer profiles, and create a personalized shopping experience, all while in conversation with a customer. If your customer isn’t ready to buy, you can email their pre-loaded cart for them to decide later. 

With POS Go, you can accept payments anywhere on the sales floor, without a separate card reader. Just use its integrated bar code scanner and card reader to scan items and let your customers tap, chip, or swipe their card or mobile wallet. Shopify Payments has 99.9% uptime, so you can reliably accept all major debit, credit, and mobile wallet payments, without worrying about your authorization network going down.

You can also use POS Go to manage staff roles and access permissions, track store analytics, and view real-time inventory availability across multiple locations. The best part? Shopify POS seamlessly integrates with your online store, so you can get a complete view of ecommerce and in-person sales channels from Shopify admin. 

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Run up to 1,000 store locations

Before today, brands with a Shopify site and a large network of retail stores had to integrate a third-party POS system with their ecommerce using costly or limited APIs. This resulted in fractured data and frequent manual reconciliations—from inventory availability to customer purchase history and more. 

Now, brands of all sizes can harness the power of Shopify to sell in person at more locations than ever. Shopify POS helps you run up to 1,000 physical stores and your ecommerce site, all from the one unified platform. You have one system of work and one source of truth for online and in-person sales channels—no matter how big your business is. 

Track your stock better with more inventory states

Inventory is always on the move. Shopify POS’ inventory states help you to understand where your products are by providing quick insights into inventory availability. Inventory states in POS are a convenient way to see inventory quantities by location and availability when making a sale. 

Now, Shopify POS displays the following inventory states across each of your store locations: 

  • On-hand: The total units of inventory physically present at a store location. On-hand inventory is the sum of your available and committed inventory, minus unavailable inventory. 
  • Available: stock that is available to be sold. 
  • Committed: Inventory that is not available to be sold because it has either been committed to a store transfer or is part of an order that’s yet to be fulfilled.
  • Unavailable: stock that is unavailable for sale—whether it’s sold out, or committed to an unfulfilled store pickup or online order. 
  • Incoming: Inventory that is in transit from another store location. This inventory is not available to be sold until it has been received and its state is changed to Available. 

inventory states on Shopify POS

Inventory states provide unparalleled insight into where your inventory is and if it can be sold, drastically reducing the risk of accidental overselling. 

Keep control of growing retail teams with broader staff management

Running a retail business at scale can surface concerns surrounding the management of sensitive information.

To help, we’ve added more granular staff permissions to let management get very specific when it comes to who is able to do what, and when. From limiting access to discount codes to restricting cash drawer access, you can configure the access to enable employees to complete specific tasks while ensuring they can’t do anything that isn’t required. 

💡 PRO TIP: With Shopify POS, you can assign different roles and permissions and set boundaries on what store staff can do in your POS system without manager approval—like changing a product’s price or applying a custom discount to a sale.

Along with enhancements to staff permissions, we’ve also made improvements to attributing staff to sales during check out. Whether you offer commission-based incentives or are looking to measure staff sales performance, getting accurate information is key for reporting and payouts. Available now, we’ve streamlined the workflow to display and add staff to sales, improving the accuracy of reporting to better track sales staff performance.

Create seamless shopping experiences with a fully-customizable store checkout

With Shopify POS, it’s easier than ever to customize your checkout and offer a simpler, faster in-person checkout experience. Here are a few examples of how you can customize your Shopify POS checkout for maximum efficiency: 

  • Save common line item fees like rush orders to your smart grid to speed up checkouts.
  • Give customers tipping and receipt options with the improved Customer View app.
  • Make receipts easier to understand and more customer friendly.

We’re investing in making checkout easier and more flexible on Shopify POS. Create a store checkout that works with your workflows, rather than having to work around them. 

Manage gift cards with ease from Shopify

Gift cards get lost or forgotten all the time. With 42% of consumers reporting they spend more when they’re using gift cards, unused gift card balances are a missed opportunity to increase basket size and build loyalty among existing customers. Now, it’s easier than ever to search, accept, manage, and sell gift cards from Shopify POS.

From a customer’s profile, you can now see digital and physical gift cards they’ve been issued, along with up-to-date card balances. If a customer loses or misplaces their gift card, you can resend a new one and deactivate the old one, all from Shopify. 

If you’re issuing a new gift card, you can now choose between digital or physical cards from Shopify POS. This gives you the flexibility to issue refunds or store credit on digital gift cards to keep costs down and reserve physical cards for gifting. 

Open stores in more countries around the world

Brands that operate retail stores internationally often find themselves using multiple POS systems based on geographic availability. The result is maintaining multiple POS systems, each with their own integrations, requiring their own training, and offering an inconsistent customer experience. 

We want to take the pain out of running a global brand, which is why Shopify POS, Shopify hardware, and Shopify Payments are now available in 14 markets, including Finland and Singapore.

Here are the countries where Shopify POS is now available:

  1. Australia
  2. Belgium
  3. Canada
  4. Denmark
  5. Finland
  6. Germany
  7. Ireland
  8. Italy
  9. Netherlands
  10. New Zealand
  11. Singapore
  12. Spain
  13. United Kingdom
  14. United States 

Now, it’s easier than ever to operate stores in countries around the world with Shopify POS. Instead of dealing with multiple vendors and systems, you can simplify your tech stack and manage your ecommerce and in-person operations from Shopify. 

This is just the beginning. To continue supporting your international ambitions, we’ll be continuing to make Shopify POS available in more markets. 

Run your entire retail operation with Shopify POS

The launches you read about here are just a preview of the more than 100 new updates, features, and products announced at Editions, Winter ’23. Check out the Editions hub today to explore all the new tools available on Shopify to help you level-up your tech stack and run your entire business from Shopify. 

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