ShopifyQL Notebooks

Tell the data story of your business

Inspired by data, designed by you, ShopifyQL Notebooks is the new way to visualize and analyze your commerce data.

Isometric illustration of the Notebooks app

How does it work? Watch it in action

Shopify Plus exclusive

Your next big idea is hidden in your data

ShopifyQL Notebooks is your new superpower for making better business decisions. Designed exclusively for high-volume Shopify Plus brands, this app brings together data from multiple business domains—so you can solve today’s challenges and uncover tomorrow’s opportunities.

Quick and easy access to data

Save time preparing long reports with access to raw data, templated queries, built-in commerce context, and auto-generated visualizations.

A query language that understands commerce

Stay in sync with your syntax through an intuitive query editor that autofills suggestions as you type.

All the data you need in one place

Explore your store data deeply without losing context, made possible through combined datasets across multiple domains.

Powerful query editor

Know your business better than the rest

You shouldn’t have to rely on a data scientist to understand your business inside out. Stay broad or go as deep into your data as you want. The insight you’re looking for is one query away.

  • All your data accessible from a single interface
  • Assisted query writing for non-coders
  • Ready-to-use template gallery with query templates that answer your top questions
Laptop showing Shopify QL Notebooks admin homepage.

Commerce syntax

Use the language of commerce

Get better answers faster with ShopifyQL, an intelligent query language that understands commerce. It all starts with curiosity. Ask a question, write a query, and see where the data takes you.

  • Simpler, faster query writing
  • Commerce-ready metrics and data models like products, orders, and inventory
  • Smart syntax like “COMPARE TO”
Example of how query language works

Without ShopifyQL Notebooks, it's just one shot. It's out of date. That’s why we use Notebooks—it’s specifically adapted to all our data mining and storytelling needs as an ecommerce brand.

Data storytelling

Create your own path, powered by data and business context

  • Combine data from multiple business domains or go deep within a single domain
  • Add business context to data with text, images, and visualizations
  • Get started fast with pre-built notebooks that guide your domain exploration
Text, query and bar chart

You have queries. We have results.