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Wellness brand OLLY’s site gets a health boost that doubles sales volume

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When health and wellness brand OLLY launched back in 2015, it was as a limited line sold exclusively at Target. Today, it can be found on shelves at major retailers across the country, and its direct-to-consumer branch—once a side hustle—has grown into a robust business of its own, which includes subscription boxes.

As the B Corp-certified company scaled, it knew it needed a platform capable of handling its increasing sales volumes, as well as an ecosystem that would help it navigate complexities such as fulfillment and tax compliance. Integrations have allowed it to ensure it’s compliant, customize its checkouts and manage its inventory in real-time. Shopify Scripts has allowed OLLY to create detailed promotions, resulting in revenue that exceeded forecasts. And a switch to Shop Pay is set to reduce overhead costs and free up resources, giving the company more time to do what it does best—help others.

To be able to grow year-on-year is pretty exciting and to know you’re on a platform that can sustain that is a huge relief. Shopify Plus offers a lot more infrastructure, support, and benefits. It's nice to be able to never have to think about your platform as the obstacle or platform as the challenge. There’s nothing that can’t be done on Shopify. I’m pretty much ‘Shopify ride-or-die.'


Jennifer Peters — DTC Manager


Fitness and Nutrition

Previous platform



Shopify Plus, Shopify Scripts

Use case

Upgrades, Apps and Integrations, Multi-channel and Omnichannel, Growth and Scale

With Shopify, Olly saw results fast.


Increase in sales year-over-year


In forecasted savings per quarter by switching to Shop Pay


Increase in conversions-to-subscriptions w/ Scripts-based promotions

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