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How Rumpl Built a Sustainable Outdoor Brand While More Than Doubling Revenue in 2 years

Rumpl's Original Puffy Blanket, the first in its signature line of Everywhere Blankets designed for those who love to live their lives outside, was birthed from the convergence of outdoor gear and bedding. When Wylie Robinson’s car wouldn’t start the morning after an outdoor adventure, his first thought wasn’t to create a multi-million dollar business. Instead, it was cozying up in a sleeping bag while waiting for help that ultimately sparked the idea. 

Over the years, with the help of Shopify Plus, Rumpl has significantly expanded their product offering and scaled their brand while also keeping customer experience and brand values top-of-mind. Due to the ease of use of Shopify Plus, Rumpl’s team has been able to remain lean, allowing the company to invest in mission-driven initiatives like acquiring responsibly sourced materials for its products, completing professional certifications, and championing important causes. Shopify Plus has also served as an advantage in marketing and collaboration, since many of Rumpl’s partners also use the platform making launches seamless.

Rumpl also uses Shopify Flow for everything from discount codes to inventory alerts, ensuring they can move nimbly to alert customers and improve conversion rates. This has been particularly key for their success amidst the ongoing supply chain crisis. Moreover, Shopify Scripts has allowed the Rumpl team to handle bundled discounts and their coveted limited edition product drops with ease. And with Online Store 2.0, Rumpl improved site speed and customized their website using blocks and sections to redesign the site to better fit the brand’s size and reputation.

I can't imagine using anything other than Shopify Plus to power Rumpl's ecommerce business. The flexibility of the platform and the sheer number of apps, software, and developers building for Shopify Plus allow us to focus on what we do—creating amazing products with recycled materials that help you explore and enjoy Mother Earth.


Shane Roach — Director of Digital Revenue


Outdoor Living

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Shopify Scripts, Shopify Flow

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Marketing, Upgrades, Growth and Scale

With Shopify, Rumpl saw results fast.


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increase in conversion rate

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