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Active Truth doubled site visitors, tripled orders, and boosted conversions 46%

Two females in activewear

Founded in 2016 with 100 pairs of tights and a logo created in Microsoft Word, Stevie Angel and Nadia Tucker created the inclusive activewear brand Active Truth, which celebrates women no matter their size, shape, stage of life or ability level. As Active Truth grew in popularity and required more of the founders’ time to manage, it became clear the business needed a more robust solution.

Upgrading to Shopify Plus gave Active Truth the seamless, easy-to-use platform it needed to expand both locally and globally. Being a low code ecommerce platform, the move allowed Active Truth to set and forget its operations so the team didn’t need to manage the website at all hours of the day and night—nor hire expensive developers to manage it.

I would recommend Shopify Plus because it allows us to keep up with new innovations in the ecommerce space without having to spend excessively on developers. The automation features allow us to streamline our processes to make them more efficient, and plan and prepare our launches to go live seamlessly.

Active Truth

Nadia Tucker — Founder


Fashion and Apparel

Plataforma anterior


Caso de uso

Automation, Growth and Scale, Cost Effectiveness

Com a Shopify, a Active Truth teve resultados rápidos.


Increase in conversion rate


Increase in site visitors


Increase in total orders

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