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Fathead uses Shop Pay and Shopify Flow to boost average order value by 46%

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Fathead, the pop culture giant selling famous wall graphics of pro athletes, superheroes, and more, had a problem. Recently acquired, and with new leadership at the helm, the company quickly realized it was working with an old, cumbersome technology stack and ecommerce platform, requiring time-consuming manual processes to manage inventory and order fulfillment, and add new products to its fast-growing catalog.

Fathead migrated to Shopify Plus to enable a more flexible, robust interface while reducing platform development and maintenance costs. With a significantly simplified checkout process through Shop Pay and more streamlined order fulfillment processes through Shopify Flow, Fathead saw improved cash flow, higher conversion rates across direct-to-consumer and wholesale channels, and an enhanced customer experience all around.

Our average order value increased and we attribute a lot of that to Shopify Pay’s easier checkout process, which also gives customers multiple ways to pay. Shopify Plus makes it easier to upload and manage our catalog, too—within a year of using it, we went from 4,700 products to 12,000 products, and we’re now looking to double that number again by the end of the year.


Ivy Tran — Chief Operation Officer


Home Furnishing

Plataforma anterior



Shopify Flow, Shopify Plus

Caso de uso

Replatforming and Upgrades, Cost Effectiveness, Automation

Com a Shopify, a Fathead teve resultados rápidos.


Increase in average order value


Increase in conversion rate


Increase in revenue

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