Upload your store to YouTube

Pin products next to your videos so followers can like, subscribe, and buy.

Install Google
Don’t have a Shopify store?
Woman with a sun-kissed glow, wearing on-trend makeup, a long dark ponytail, and gold hoop earrings. Small white tube of eye cream labeled, “Dominique Everlasting Eye Base 24 Hour Crease-proof Net WT. 12 G”. Pink, egg-shaped makeup sponge labeled, “Dominique”. Small, clear tub of light-beige face powder with a pink lid, labeled “Dominique”. Red, cylindrical platform

Get started with YouTube Shopping

Here’s how it works:

  • 1

    Install the Google channel in the Shopify app store.

  • 2

    In the YouTube Shopping section of the Google channel, connect your YouTube account.

  • 3

    Choose which products to feature for YouTube Shopping.

  • 4

    Add products to your videos from Monetization > Shopping.

  • Install Google
    Don’t have a Shopify store?

    Instantly sync products to YouTube

    Ensure product names, images, pricing, and inventory details are always up-to-date with an automatic catalog sync from your Shopify store to YouTube.

    Create live shopping experiences

    Tag or pin products at key points in your live stream for an engaging, watch-to-shop experience. Audiences can check out while your video continues picture-in-picture.

    Manage your sales in Shopify

    One-stop tracking means you can sell on YouTube and manage sales and performance alongside everything else in your Shopify admin.