Shopify order management and delivery

Centralized order fulfillment

Receive, manage, fulfill, and deliver products—all from a single place on the platform you trust.

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Bring order to your orders

Track, prioritize, and fulfill orders from one centralized system, so orders get out the door sooner no matter where you sell.

Keep orders organized

Create a customized dashboard that gives you a simple, uncluttered view of orders, from all your sales channels, in one place.

Make fulfillment faster

Get orders out the door sooner by using bulk workflows to fulfill orders, print packing slips, and track shipping and delivery.

Scale with confidence

Eliminate repetitive actions with powerful tools that automate tasks seamlessly and efficiently.

Manage and edit orders

Confidently take and track actions on existing orders. Get accurate, up-to-date information on what’s been fulfilled, shipped, edited, refunded, or returned.

Data-driven decision making

Improve operational performance over time by using insights and analytics to make better fulfillment decisions.

Keep things local

Offer local pickup or delivery to customers in your community and use the Local Delivery app to get orders from your doorstep to theirs more efficiently.

Uncomplicated inventory management

Wherever it is and wherever it needs to be. Track, measure, and manage it all from one place.

Inventory data you can trust

Simplify your inventory with a single platform to move, manage, and monitor products across locations and sales channels.

Made for mobile

Scan, count and transfer inventory anywhere, from anywhere, with the Shopify mobile app.

Make decisions with confidence

Make better decisions faster, with real-time updates, reports, and analysis designed to help you maximize your inventory investment.

Take control of your inventory

Use adjustment reasons to track lost, misplaced, or damaged inventory to better understand the impact on your business.

Keep customers coming back

Give customers the flexibility to make post purchase returns and refunds.

Create a customer-friendly return policy

Create a refund and return policy that converts more customers.

Seamless returns

Process returns and refunds seamlessly with tracking, automated customer notifications, and inventory restocking.

Discounted return labels

Get competitive discounts when you create return labels with Shopify Shipping.

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