Shopify order management and fulfillment

Fast, simple, and centralized order fulfillment

Manage, fulfill, and deliver products—all from a single place on the platform you trust.

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Speed up fulfillment time

Track, prioritize, and fulfill orders from one centralized system, so you can get orders out the door sooner and exceed customer expectations.

A woman with glasses packing several items into cardboard boxes, with an overlaid image of orders with statuses for unfilfilled, ready for pickup, and fulfilled.

Centralized order management

Create a customized orders dashboard that gives you a simple, uncluttered view of orders, from all your sales channels, in one place.
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Smart order routing

Ship from multiple places? Define your routing logic, ensuring you allocate orders to your preferred distribution location.

Manage and edit orders

Confidently take and track actions on existing orders. Get accurate, up-to-date information on what’s been fulfilled, shipped, edited, refunded, or returned.

Automate everyday tasks

Expedite your fulfillment process with enhanced bulk actions and Shopify Flow’s fulfillment automations, eliminating repetitive tasks when preparing your orders for shipment.

Scale with confidence

Outsource fulfillment to Shopify’s own 3PL, Shopify Fulfillment Network, so you can spend less time shipping orders and more time growing your business.

Make data-driven decisions

Improve operational performance over time by using insights and analytics to make better fulfillment decisions.

Uncomplicated inventory management

Manage, track, and measure your inventory all from one place.

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Inventory data you can trust

Simplify your inventory with a single platform to move, manage, and monitor products across locations and sales channels.

Made for mobile

Scan, count, and receive inventory anywhere, from anywhere, with the Shopify mobile app.

Make decisions with confidence

Get real-time updates, reports, and analyses designed to help you maximize your inventory investment.

Take control of your inventory

Use adjustment reasons to track lost or damaged inventory to better understand the impact on your business.

Affordable shipping and delivery options

Meet your customers' shipping expectations with Shopify’s built-in solutions, whether they are around the corner or around the world.

A woman's hands holding multiple shipping labels, with a mobile phone, calculator, laptop and more shipping labels next to her. An overlaid image reads "buy 4 shipping labels," with pricing, field for shipping date, and a buy button.

Ship orders with confidence

From the time an order is received, to the moment it's delivered, manage shipping from one place. Organize orders, buy and print labels in bulk, and prepare packages to be picked up or dropped off—all from within Shopify.

Keep customers in the loop

Create a cohesive customer experience with live order tracking and automatic email notifications that match your brand's look and feel.

Keep things local

Offer local pickup or delivery to customers in your community and get orders from your doorstep to theirs more efficiently.

Keep customers coming back

Give customers the flexibility to make post-purchase returns and refunds.

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Simplify with customer self-serve returns

Allow customers to initiate returns, helping create loyalty and repeat business.

Create a customer-friendly return policy

Make a flexible refund and return policy that converts more customers.

Easily process returns and refunds

Tracking, automated customer notifications, and inventory restocking make returns and refunds simple.

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