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Juiced Bikes boost conversions and customer lifetime value with Shop Pay, Shop Pay Installments and Shop App

Juiced Bikes was founded in 2009 by US high jump Olympian, Tora Harris, as one of the first electric bike companies. The brand makes proprietary, high-performance electric bikes, selling directly to customers through their website only. With the help of Shopify Plus—Shop Pay Installments and Shop App, in particular—the brand has seen measurable success, including:

  • 25% of revenue attributed to Shop Pay, the brand's most popular accelerated checkout
  • Increased conversions by reducing time-to-purchase with Shop Pay Installments
  • Increased customer lifetime order value with Shop App


With ecommerce as their only channel, Juiced Bikes was looking for ways to optimize the shopping experience—in particular, their checkout experience. With high average order values of ~$2K+, Juiced Bikes needed a way to lower cart abandonment and drive consideration for more buyers.


Shop Pay Installmentswas able to make their products more accessible to the average online buyer by giving customers with purchases of $150 or more the option at checkout to split their payments between 3, 6, or 12 months. This made the upfront, initial cost more affordable and therefore more appealing. Shop Pay Installments also helped to increase their customer lifetime order value. By showing a lower initial upfront cost, customers were more likely to add additional, lower-priced products, such as accessories, to their orders.


Finally, Juiced Bikes used Shop App to create another channel to connect with buyers. While customers eagerly track their delivery status in-app, they can also see other popular, top-selling products from the brand. This gives them the option to visit the Juiced Bikes store and purchase additional products and accessories—like helmets and bike locks—without ever leaving the Shop App experience, ultimately, boosting customer lifetime order value.

Shop Pay is definitely our most popular payment method. It’s a faster user experience and it’s all contained within the checkout flow so customers aren’t being redirected anywhere else. It’s even better if customers have an account already as the two factor authentication gets you checked out in no time.

Juiced Bikes

Marisa Delatorre — Director of Ecommerce



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Shopify Plus

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Growth and Scale, Apps and Integrations

Med Shopify fik Juiced Bikes hurtige resultater.


Of revenue attributed to Shop Pay

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