Shopify Shipping Introduces Included Shipping Insurance

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No matter what you sell, shipping insurance can offer that extra layer of protection when you send products to customers. Along with continued growth in ecommerce sales, package theft (aka porch piracy), loss, and damage is also on the rise.

Our research shows that 1 in 10 packages in the US arrives damaged, while one in three Americans have had a package stolen. In most cases, when a package is lost, stolen, or damaged, the burden falls on the business to either issue a refund or replace the product(s). When this happens, you lose time and money on customer support and replacement shipments, and potential future purchases from a buyer who’s had a negative delivery experience.

For customers, it can be a frustrating experience contacting the shipping carrier (if a business shifts the reimbursement responsibility to the carrier) and awaiting a reimbursement via a standard claims process. Most importantly, this can damage the repeat purchase potential: “Nearly 40% of shoppers are unlikely to give retailers a second chance after a poor delivery experience.”

Nearly 40% of shoppers are unlikely to give retailers a second chance after a poor delivery experience.

To help address these problems, we’ve got some good news for business owners on Shopify and their customers. We now offer included shipping insurance of up to $200 USD for eligible labels purchased through Shopify Shipping!

In partnership with Shipsurance, this included insurance is available to businesses on the Shopify, Advanced, and Shopify Plus plans, and applies to US-origin domestic and international shipments. If you subscribe to our Basic plan, you can buy shipping insurance at a competitive rate. For a full explanation of this program, read the Shipsurance coverage terms.

Illustration of a shipping label with included shipping insurance in Shopify admin.

Benefits of shipping insurance

  • Ship and deliver stress-free. No matter what happens to your shipments while in transit or upon delivery, know that you’re covered for package damage, loss, and theft on eligible orders.
  • Save time and money on the replacement. In case a shipment needs to be replaced, you can recoup the value of the original merchandise damaged/lost/stolen, plus the shipping cost. File your claims directly from the Shopify admin (which only takes a minute) to speed up the process.
  • Provide a better buying experience for your customers. Communicate your shipping insurance coverage (on your site’s FAQs, product, shipping and returns pages, etc.) to help reassure and convert customers. Plus, cut the step of dealing with shipping carriers to submit and wait for reimbursements.
  • Improve your repeat sales. With easier and more comprehensive shipping insurance coverage, you automatically pass on the convenience and shipment protection to your customers—which helps build trust and loyalty.

How do I qualify for included shipping insurance?

Your shipment must meet the following criteria to qualify for included shipping insurance of up to $200 in order value:

Can I buy additional shipping insurance?

Yes, you can secure your shipments and buy up to $5,000 USD of insurance coverage. For more information on buying shipping insurance and filing your claims directly from the Shopify admin, visit our Help Center.

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