POS migration tools

Move your retail business to Shopify

Unifying in-store and online sales is closer than you think. Get started with Shopify POS knowing you’ve got the tools and support to make the switch.

A merchant using Shopify POS in her store

Migrate without interruptions

Limit your downtime with free and paid import apps and POS migration experts.

Find the right hardware

Accept payments with Shopify card readers and set up your POS with compatible accessories.

Get staff up and running

Simplify training with Shopify’s intuitive interface and demo videos for common workflows.

How to move your data to Shopify

Choose the right solution for your business based on your current POS system and budget.

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Use a migration app

Safely transfer your store's data and content to Shopify using an app from the Shopify App Store. Free and paid options are available.Best for: Simple migrations or businesses with only a few products.

A POS migration expert assisting a merchant

Hire a POS migration expert

Need to transfer past orders or historical analytics? Browse the Experts Marketplace for agencies that specialize in POS migrations.Best for: Complex migrations and businesses looking for personalized onboarding.

Ready to make the move?

Start your 3-day free trial of Shopify with all the tools to make a seamless switch.

Ale Tarver, Sales Manager of Assembly New York

Training is easy—you just download it and use it. If you can use an iPhone, you can use Shopify POS.

Assembly New York

Ale Tarver — Store Manager

Check out your new checkout

A smartphone or tablet and Shopify’s card readers are all you need to get started.

Customer taps their credit card on a Shopify chip reader

Shopify payment hardware

Order Shopify card readers to accept tap and chip payments on Shopify POS. Get low rates and quick payouts from Shopify’s built-in payments provider: Shopify Payments.

Cash drawer, barcode scanner, and receipt printer compatible with Shopify POS

Compatible hardware

Shop from approved hardware accessories like barcode scanners and printers on the Shopify Hardware Store. Or check if your existing hardware accessories are compatible.

Ready to make the move?

Start your 3-day free trial of Shopify with all the tools to make a seamless switch.

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