Introducing Shopify Masters: The Ecommerce Marketing Podcast for Ambitious Entrepreneurs

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The only people who truly understand entrepreneurship are entrepreneurs. Until you've taken the leap yourself, it can be difficult to appreciate the challenge that awaits.

Entrepreneurs know that building a business can be a lonely journey—because they’ve been through it.

Entrepreneurs understand the focus and determination needed to create a company from the ground up.

But entrepreneurs also know the incomparable joy that comes from watching an idea grow into a flourishing business, knowing that they created their own success.

You might be the only one of your friends or family that owns a business. Each step along your journey presents obstacles and forks in the road which can be hard to navigate, especially if you feel like you don’t have anyone to ask for help.

That’s why we’re bringing you Shopify Masters, the ecommerce marketing podcast that provides you with the knowledge and inspiration you need to build, launch, and grow a profitable online store.

Join me, Felix Thea, as I interview successful ecommerce entrepreneurs and unpack how they’re building businesses that allow them to live the life they want. Every week we bring you two episodes featuring a successful entrepreneur or expert to give you inspiration and actionable tips to accompany you in your journey.

Here’s what you can expect.

How Wee Squeak Captured Over 600 Emails Using Only $90 in Facebook Ads

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Susan Bradley is the President of Wee Squeak, a company that produces and sells fun shoes that have glittery touches and darling details for kids. Susan explains how she captured over 600 emails using only $90 in Facebook ads. She covers:

  • How to use Facebook to grow your email list
  • How to earn subscribers and make sales at the same time
  • Why you should partner with other brands to run giveaways

How Cold Emailing Helped Craft Street Design Go From Side Hustle to Full Time Business

Craft Street Design Co header image

Pratima Aravabhoomi, a former Apple consultant, founded Craft Street Design Co where she sells motivational posters and inspiring wall art. She shares her experience using cold emailing to turn to her passion for words into a full-time business. She covers:

  • How to test the market and validate your business idea
  • How to use cold emailing to land paying clients
  • What you need to know to use a street team to promote your product

How HDX Hydration Mix Sells Someone a Drink Before They Know What It Tastes Like

HDX Hydration Mix header image

Vipe Desai spent years marketing for Redbull and Monster Energy drink before he founded HDX Hydration Mix. In this episode, Vipe explains how he overcomes the obstacles of selling beverages online where no one can taste his product. He covers:

  • How to convince customers to buy a product online that requires the sense of taste
  • How to get free samples to potential customers for pennies on the dollar
  • Why you should partner with complementary companies to build a customer base

And much more!

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Felix Thea is the host of the Shopify Masters podcast, the ecommerce marketing podcast for ambitious entrepreneurs, and founder of where you can get actionable tips to grow your store’s traffic and sales.


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