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Give customers exclusive access to experiences within your own brand end-to-end.


Build on Shopify's trusted platform for your merch drops and flash sales.


Use NFTs to unlock access to your storefront, collection, or specific products.

Tap into a thriving NFT market

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increase in NFT trading from 2020 to 2021†


in sales generated by collectible NFTs.‡


crypto wallets owned NFTs holders or traders in 2021†

Forge unique brand experiences

Gate exclusive content

Let loyal brand followers use NFTs to unlock gated content or products—like artwork, albums, tickets, physical merch, and more.

Extend marketing with Airdrops

Create robust airdropping campaigns that engage and motivate your target audience with free NFTs.

A new approach to memberships

Build a VIP fan base around your brand with perks, rewards, or other exclusives based on your customers' NFT purchases.

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Discover a revolution in commerce

As an ambitious community-driven project, we've placed a strong emphasis on setting the standard for unique NFT collector experiences. By partnering with Shopify on tokengated merch during SXSW, we could surprise our holders and give the ownership of a Doodle a whole new meaning.

Evan Keast | Co-founder, Doodles

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Our blockchain partners build gating apps to create utilities for blockchain and NFTs. Are you a Web3/Blockchain developer? Reach out today so we can build the future of retail together.

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