Free Carbon-Neutral Shipping on All of Your Holiday Weekend Orders

For a third straight year, Shopify will pay for carbon-neutral shipping on all orders made through our platform over the Black Friday Cyber Monday (BFCM) shopping weekend.

Here’s how it works: A rigorous formula built by Shopify data scientists calculates the estimated carbon emissions for each order, and then we pay to remove that same amount from the atmosphere. Through this initiative, we're supporting the highest-potential carbon removal projects out there. This amounted to nearly 60,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO₂) last year, the equivalent of taking 13,000 passenger vehicles off the road for one year!

Fight climate change beyond BFCM

Add the Planet app to your online store to provide carbon-neutral deliveries all year long.

Add the Planet app

Tell your customers

Helping the planet can bring additional value for your business. Leading up to BFCM weekend, we surveyed more than 24,000 consumers across the globe and learned they won't compromise on sustainability. Two of every five shoppers (40%) we surveyed are willing to pay extra for climate-conscious products. An even greater percentage (43%) say they’re more likely to buy from brands with sustainability practices, such as carbon-neutral shipping.

We want you to take credit for this initiative with your customers. We encourage you to share messaging with your customers leading up to BFCM, such as:

For a limited time: carbon-neutral shipping on all orders!

Or something like:

Holiday special — carbon-neutral shipping on all orders!

There are a few simple ways to spread the word. For example, if your store’s theme has an “Announcements” bar, you can add messaging there. Just go to Online Store > Themes > Customize.

Here's what that could look like:

You can also add a note about carbon-neutral shipping to your order confirmations. To edit your store’s notifications, go to Settings > Notifications.

However you want to get the word out, feel free to brag about your store’s carbon-neutral shipping over the BFCM weekend, as well as the incredible carbon removal companies that you’re supporting with every order.

More about the projects we're supporting

  • Climeworks: Climeworks’ gold-standard direct air capture technology removes CO₂ from the air, after which it is destined for permanent storage underground. The company successfully launched Orca, the world’s largest direct air capture plant at 4,000 tonnes of CO₂ per year, and is now building a facility 9x larger.

      • CarbonCure: CarbonCure’s technologies inject CO₂ into concrete, with zero impact to the material’s quality and performance. It recently passed a milestone of 200,000 tonnes of CO₂ saved to date, equivalent to taking 43,094 cars off the road for a year.
        • IndigoAg: Indigo’s carbon program pays farmers to capture and store CO₂ in soil, placing farmers at the forefront of sustainability in agriculture as they continue to provide for the world's essential needs. Earlier this year, Indigo issued the first batch of verified, registry-issued agriculture-based carbon credits generated at scale.
          • Pachama: Pachama uses satellite imagery and machine learning to measure CO₂ captured in forests, ensuring every carbon credit purchased delivers its stated climate impact. For BFCM, our purchase will prevent deforestation of forestland in the heart of Northern Brazil’s Amazon River Basin at risk of illegal logging.

          Carbon-neutral deliveries with the Planet app

          Climate action doesn’t have to end after BFCM. With Shopify’s Planet app, you can automatically remove the emissions from every delivery you make, all year long.

          With Planet, your business will support some of the most promising climate solutions on Earth. The app is free to install, and depending on the plan you choose, costs an average of $0.035 to $0.15 per order.

          Planet can help you reach the 43% of consumers that say they're more likely to buy from brands with sustainability practices, such as carbon-neutral shipping.

          Install Planet Today