Daniel Vu Takes his Ceramics Brand to New Heights Selling In-Person with Shopify POS

Daniel Vu Takes his Ceramics Brand to New Heights Selling In-Person with Shopify POS

“For most of my life, I’ve been using white bowls,” says Daniel Vu, founder of Daniel Vu Ceramics. “They were appealing at first, but now they really aren’t. I wanted to move into something that was a little more unique and brings out that experience of eating food.”

This desire for meal-enhancing tableware inspired Daniel to launch his eponymous tableware-focused ceramics company with Shopify in May of 2021. He started the business by selling bowls, serving dishes, and blates (a shape between a bowl and a plate) in earthy, organic hues like terracotta, olive green, and charcoal. Daniel has since expanded his catalog to include eye-catching textured vases. “It’s all handmade, one by one,” he says.

An artisan at heart, Daniel soon realized that acquiring customers and building an online brand is challenging. Once he started attending craft fairs, though, he unlocked another level of growth. Since choosing Shopify POS to sell at craft fairs and events, Daniel Vu Ceramics has enjoyed: 

  • An accessible way to transact in person
  • A surge in online traffic and sales after attending events
  • Event sales accounting for 70% of revenue 

The challenge: Acquiring customers and growing the business online

As a solopreneur, Daniel is both an artisan and business manager. Because Daniel spent much of his childhood helping his parents with their photo studio, he was prepared for the hard work that came with starting his own business. 

“I was working throughout my childhood,” he says. “That kind of developed my mindset to being a workhorse. So taking on a small business role was something that came more naturally to me because of that. I wasn’t surprised when I was hit with the workload that’s required to maintain this business.”

However, what Daniel didn’t expect was how hard and expensive it would be to acquire customers and grow the business through online sales—especially because he creates unique home goods that sell themselves when customers can see and touch them in person.

It’s very difficult to sell ceramics online unless people already know your brand. For smaller brands, shoppers need to see the ceramics for themselves before feeling comfortable buying.

Daniel Vu, Founder, Daniel Vu Ceramics

    The solution: Selling online and at events with Shopify

    Daniel realized that it’s nearly impossible to build an online following without already having an established audience. That’s why he sells his wares at events, particularly craft fairs. Pop-up events provide a near-instant boost in sales and brand awareness. 

    “Go to shows so you can get to know your audience,” Daniel advises. “You can spend all day making products, but if you can’t sell them, you’ll just have inventory that’s going nowhere.” 

    Daniel says that craft shows let him see if there’s a demand for his products. “If you can’t sell your products in person, you're going to have a hard time selling them online,” Daniel says.  Selling at events helps Daniel understand demand for his products, which enables him to produce the right items: ones that will sell. 

    ​​Shopify makes selling in-person easy for Daniel. His product catalog carries over from his Shopify site to Shopify POS and he’s ready to start selling in minutes. All he has to do is download the Shopify POS app to his smartphone, connect a card reader, and he’s ready to accept payments and make sales.

    Selling in person also benefits his online store. Before each craft fair, Daniel’s website gets a spike in traffic, because events like these usually link to vendors’ websites. “People browse what merchants will be there and click on the ones they’re interested in,” Daniel says.

    Events bring more visibility to my website, and my website is like a portfolio where people can see what I sell and decide whether or not they want to visit my kiosk at the event.

    Daniel Vu, Founder, Daniel Vu Ceramics

    Start selling in-person with Shopify POS

    Shopify POS is the easiest way to start selling in-person. Have all the tools you need to manage your online and physical stores, market to customers, and sell everywhere in one easy-to-understand back office.

    The results: More in-person sales, increased brand awareness, and instant feedback

    Now, Daniel sells at craft fairs every other month, and in-person selling represents 70% of his revenue. Thanks to Shopify POS, the checkout experience is fast and intuitive for customers and Daniel.

    “My customers are really happy with the checkout process,” he says. “They just want it to work, and they want it to work well. I’ve never had anyone complain, so I guess I’m doing something right."

    For Daniel, selling using Shopify for both in-person and online sales has made running his business easier. He appreciates that Shopify POS is intuitive to use and that he can customize his home screen with shortcuts.

    “I need less friction in my life,” Daniel says. “Anything that takes fewer clicks is better for me and my sales. One extra click is one more chance to lose a customer.”

    Daniel also benefits from running his online store and in-person selling from Shopify’s unified back office. “I’m running hardcore on the Shopify ecosystem,” he says. “If I was using a different card reader, it wouldn’t connect directly to my Shopify, which is where everything is. It makes my life really easy knowing where my money is going and where my inventory is at.”

    Selling at events has also helped Daniel raise awareness for his products and get instant feedback to improve his product line. As the person who both creates all of the products and runs the business, this feedback helps him produce the right inventory in time for his next craft fair.

    Whenever other entrepreneurs ask, I always recommend Shopify POS. It’s easy to get started, reliable, and easy to use.

    Daniel Vu, Founder, Daniel Vu Ceramics

    What’s next for Daniel Vu Ceramics? 

    While in-person events provide a spike in sales and online store sessions, Daniel wants to grow the online sales of his business into a more predictable revenue stream. This will help him secure enough funds to invest in manufacturing equipment, a bigger studio, and staff, which will help him scale his business on and offline. 

    “Eventually, I would love to have a showroom,” Daniel says. But it takes a lot of money to open a showroom and hire people. “To do that, I need to get online sales to the point where it’s more predictable and can finance that growth.”

    To generate an audience that he hopes will turn into customers, Daniel wants to continue building his brand on TikTok. Since he began growing an audience on the platform, he’s seen his brand’s reach grow to new heights, with 36,000 followers and his livestreams generating upwards of 200,000 views.  

    💡 PRO TIP: Want to start selling on TikTok like Daniel? Set up shop on TikTok with Shopify to tag your products in TikTok videos for free, create ads that don’t feel like ads, and use Shopify to manage orders, returns, and payments.

    Similarly, Daniel intends to grow repeat customers with Shopify’s customer profiles. Each new customer he gets through signups on his online store at an event is added to his mailing list. With a view of their purchase history, he intends to build remarketing campaigns to increase repeat purchases online. 

    As a solopreneur, I need less friction in my life. With Shopify, I love that I have all the tools I need to manage online and in-person sales in one place.

    Daniel Vu, Founder, Daniel Vu Ceramics

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