How Ryzon Increased Store Conversion Rates by Over 40% with Shopify POS

How Ryzon Increased Store Conversion Rates by Over 40% with Shopify POS

In 2016, Ryzon—a German brand dedicated to all things triathlon—was born. Starting as an online store, Ryzon now sells to triathletes and endurance athletes across the world and has a loyal customer base. It now has a flagship store in Cologne, Germany and has recently opened a store in Girona, Spain. 

With all apparel designed and engineered in Germany and manufactured in Europe, the brand stands out for its dedication and passion for high quality performance apparel. Using Shopify POS, Ryzon has enjoyed:

  • Over 40% increase in store conversion rates
  • A 35% Increase in revenue
  • Selling in-store and at expos in 4 currencies across 10 countries and 6 languages

Challenge: Exploring in-person selling without complicating its tech stack

Starting as an online store on Shopify, the brand was growing steadily and attracting customers across Europe. However, Ryzon soon discovered the importance of forging a connection with the triathlon community in-person. 

Enabling customers to feel the fabric and textures of its products was important. The brand appreciated that in the context of athleticwear, some customers would want to try before they buy when it came to purchasing gear for a competition.

Ryzon opened its flagship store in Cologne and started attending triathlon and athlete expos across Europe to meet its customers, answer questions and allow people to try out its products. Attending up to 20 expos a year, the brand needed a user-friendly POS system that was easy to set up and synced with its product catalog quickly. 

We like to have a connection with our customers. Shopify POS allows us to sell online, in-store, and at expos using just one system. We just show up to an expo and start selling.

Maximilian Gnann, Showroom Manager, Ryzon

Solution: Using one platform to to sell everywhere 

Ryzon started using Shopify POS in its stores and at the triathlon expos. Thanks to Shopify’s automatic inventory reconciliation, the brand was able to set up a booth and start selling without worrying about inaccurate inventory levels as it transacted online and in-person simultaneously. 

If products are running low in-store, the team can simply order more products directly from the warehouse with a few clicks and view Shopify’s dashboard to track inventory as it moves from one location to another. If a product is sold out in-store, Ryzon uses ship-to-customer order fulfillment to close the sale and ship the product directly to customers from its warehouse. 

Shopify POS makes it easier for us because we have the same app running behind all of our shops—both online and offline. We can quickly compare our online and offline sales and understand what’s working everywhere we sell.

Maximilian Gnann, Showroom Manager, Ryzon

Results: Skyrocketing store conversion rates 

Ryzon now sells worldwide and has loyal customers across the globe. Creating its own blend of online and in-person selling, the brand uses Shopify POS for reliable inventory insights and a consistent experience for returning customers.

The brand has saved numerous hours on inventory management, while seeing a reduction in product return rates and an increase in revenue. Today, Ryzon uses up to three Shopify POS terminals in each store at once to ensure checkout is efficient. 

The brand also routinely uses Shopify POS’ ship-to-customer order fulfillment to maintain high store conversion rates. Even in the face of limited store inventory, Ryzon’s conversion rates have grown over 40%. 

Having everything on one system means that we can get to know our customers better and what they want. We can constantly improve as a brand as well. Shopify POS is simple to use across channels and it is very easy to transact on.

Maximilian Gnann, Showroom Manager, Ryzon

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