GoDaddy vs. Wix vs. Shopify

GoDaddy or Wix or Shopify?

Shopify offers high-quality ecommerce tools, over 6,000 apps, and an excellent POS solution for merchants.

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Why choose Shopify over GoDaddy and Wix

Feature comparison table between GoDaddy, Wix, and Shopify

Key features




Free trial Yes Yes Yes
24/7 support Yes Yes Yes
Sell online and in-store Yes Yes Yes
Business capital No No Yes
Custom domain Yes Yes Yes
SEO features Yes Yes Yes
Hosting Yes Yes Yes
Sell worldwide Yes Yes Yes
Multi-currency support Yes Yes Yes
Mobile-friendly No Yes Yes
Fraud protection No Yes Yes
Integrated checkout Yes Yes Yes
Integrated fulfillment network No No Yes
Email marketing tools Yes Yes Yes
App Store No Yes Yes
Mobile app for merchants Yes Yes Yes

7 things Shopify can do vs. GoDaddy and Wix

Share ecommerce tools

Comparing GoDaddy vs. Wix vs. Shopify, you’ll find that Shopify comes with all the important ecommerce tools built-in. For example, it lets you create email campaigns, get insight into your visitors, add unlimited products, and do more from within the platform. With GoDaddy, you can only add up to 5,000 products to your website, whereas Wix requires integrations for capabilities like visitor analytics. Therefore, Shopify is an excellent choice for building and running an online store.

Provide easy customization

On Shopify, you can design your ecommerce site any way you like. You can choose from over 100 different themes, customize the content, and brand your online store your way. Shopify’s themes are also ecommerce focused, meaning you don’t have to optimize them for sales separately. On GoDaddy, you don’t have much creative freedom after your site has been published. Although Wix offers a large number of templates, not all of them are built to support ecommerce.

Include over 6,000 apps

GoDaddy, Wix, and Shopify all offer apps to help you better manage your online store. GoDaddy offers a small suite of WordPress plugins that provide additional functionality to stores hosted on its platform. Wix has over 250 apps catering to a range of commercial websites. Shopify offers over 6,000 apps that specialize in ecommerce. If you’re looking to run an ecommerce business, you’ll have plenty of variety to choose from, including apps that complement social media selling.

Convert more with Shopify Checkout

GoDaddy vs. Wix: who offers the better checkout? GoDaddy offers a checkout page, but it’s not customizable. On Wix, you can change the style of your checkout and display a currency converter, but it’s not currently possible to sell products in multiple currencies. Shopify offers an integrated checkout function that lets you accept payments in multiple currencies. You can also add your logo, change the colors, or apply a new font to make the checkout match your branding.

Give more ways to pay

When comparing platforms for offline commerce functionality, you’ll notice that both GoDaddy and Wix require some integration. GoDaddy requires an ecommerce platform integration and POS activation to accept multiple forms of payment. Same goes for Wix if you’re not in the US. Shopify offers a point-of-sale solution that comes with its in-house payment service, Shopify Payments, built in. With Shopify POS, merchants worldwide can accept a variety of payments offline.

Protect against fraudulent chargebacks

Shopify offers anti-fraud protection features with all of its plans. GoDaddy offers a paid domain privacy option to its users, but it doesn’t help protect against fraudulent orders and chargebacks. While Wix complies with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS), it requires merchants to dispute chargebacks via its payments service. Shopify will manage the chargeback process on your behalf if a fraudulent chargeback is made on a protected order.

Build awareness with email

One of the differences between GoDaddy vs. Wix vs. Shopify is that Shopify comes with Shopify Email. You can use Shopify Email to send welcome emails, promotional emails, and more. You can send up to 2,500 emails a month to customers for free.

Why merchants choose Shopify over GoDaddy vs. Wix

Excellent inventory management

Shopify offers a robust inventory management solution that lets you stay on top of your inventory activities and avoid costly errors. Shopify merchants can use the feature to perform various tasks, including managing product variations, tracking stock counts, organizing incoming and outgoing stock, and more. In contrast, GoDaddy doesn’t have an inventory management function built-in, while Wix’s inventory management isn’t as robust as Shopify’s.

Ideal for dropshipping

GoDaddy vs. Wix: which is the better platform for dropshipping? On GoDaddy, merchants have to use an ecommerce integration and then connect a dropshipping app to get started. Wix offers only three dropshipping plugins, most of which offer a low limit for the number of products you can add. Shopify integrates with various dropshipping platforms, including Oberlo and Printful. Oberlo offers a 500-product limit on its forever free plan.

SEO functionality

Shopify comes with the tools you need to manage SEO on your website. Shopify’s blogging CMS lets you create content to reach customers with ease. You can also easily edit meta descriptions, header tags, image alt tags, and more. Shopify offers guidance for adding keywords for SEO to your online store, editing the robots.txt file, finding and submitting your sitemap, and optimizing your site structure for search engines.

Built to scale

While GoDaddy and Wix are great platforms for website building, Shopify is a great choice for scaling an ecommerce business. With tiered pricing plans, Shopify allows fast-growing merchants to access additional features with ease.

Most payment gateways

When comparing GoDaddy vs. Wix, you’ll find they don’t offer as many gateways for accepting payments as Shopify. GoDaddy requires integration to use payment processors, while Wix offers 61 payment gateways to merchants. In comparison, Shopify integrates with over 100 different global payment gateways and has an in-house payment processor known as Shopify Payments. Shopify doesn’t charge a gateway fee for transactions made via Shopify Payments.

Suitable for international selling

Shopify allows you to offer hyper-localized shopping experiences your customers expect, in multiple currencies and languages, all from one platform. Merchants can also use the platform’s international pricing feature to set price adjustments by country or region through the store back end. Shopify is also working on a feature that will enable merchants to let their customers preview and pay for duties before delivery, providing a great customer experience.

Own fulfillment network

Shopify invites merchants from Canada and the US to apply for the Shopify Fulfillment Network (SFN). Those accepted into Shopify’s program get access to dedicated fulfillment centers that enable timely deliveries, lower shipping costs, and a memorable customer experience. On GoDaddy and Wix, merchants can only fulfill their orders through third-party shipping companies. And it’s unlikely that both website platforms will launch a fulfillment network of their own.

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GoDaddy vs. Wix: which is better?

Wix is better equipped to handle custom website building, with higher quality features and more scalable plans than GoDaddy. While GoDaddy’s site builder is more intuitive, it doesn’t offer as many customization options as Wix. But Wix’s site builder isn’t designed purely to help people build an online store. For those looking to set up an ecommerce website, Shopify is an excellent option.

Which is better for ecommerce: GoDaddy or Wix?

GoDaddy’s GOCentral website builder allows merchants to set up a basic web store. However, it comes with a limited set of features required to start selling products online. The same goes for Wix. Shopify, on the other hand, was built with commerce in mind. Every Shopify feature, tool, integration, and more focuses on streamlining processes for merchants selling items online or in person.

GoDaddy vs. Wix: which has better support?

GoDaddy offers phone support and live chat help, though its live chat isn’t online 24/7. Wix offers email and phone support options. Shopify support is available 24/7, no matter which plan you’re on. You’ll also have access to help docs, webinars, blog posts, and online courses to guide you along the way.

Page last updated: January 24, 2022