October 2022: What’s New for Developers at Shopify

What's New October 2022

In this edition of our monthly product newsletter for Shopify Developers, you’ll find the most important updates you need to know to continue your development work.

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Unpublished apps are no longer allowed on Shopify

Unpublished apps

The final compliance cutoff date is quickly approaching to get your app listed in the Shopify App Store in accordance with our new Partner Program Agreement. Be sure to submit your app as soon as possible to avoid reviewal delays—it usually takes our partners several weeks to complete the review process. Please check your dashboard notifications and email to find your cutoff date.

Learn more about the app submission process below.

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New OAuth recommendations

Oauth recommendations

First impressions are critical and we need your help to improve a key part of the app experience: the initial load. Until now, our recommended OAuth flow added unnecessary time to the app load and created significant visual disruption. Today, we’ve updated our recommendations to make the initial app load faster, cleaner, and more enjoyable for merchants.

For apps created with Shopify templates before August 23, 2022, you need to update your OAuth following these migration instructions.

For new apps, you will automatically meet the guidelines by building with the latest app templates or simply following our guide on getting started with OAuth

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Design your new Shopify App Store listing

We’re redesigning the Shopify App Store to make it easier for merchants to get what they need to grow their business—and for apps like yours to get discovered by the right people, too. 

We’re asking app developers to refresh your listing content with new best practices to engage merchants. Submit your new app listing information via the Partner Dashboard before November 1 to ensure your app is ready for the redesign and remains eligible for promotion.

Submit your new app listing information via the Partner Dashboard and visit the docs at the link below if you have any questions.

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Launching hot reload for theme app extensions 

As of Shopify CLI version 3.13.0, you can now preview theme app extensions by running the dev command. Shopify CLI supports hot reloading for theme app extensions, so you can avoid refreshing the browser after making changes.

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B2B on Shopify now available in the GraphQL Admin API

Our Business Customer API is now stable! Reach more B2B Shopify Plus merchants with our new first-party feature set and access to powerful B2B APIs that will enable you to build custom wholesale solutions. The Business Customer API is the first to launch in stable, with additional B2B APIs set to launch in January 2023.

The new Business Customers API, which provides queries, objects, and mutations to introspect and manage the new B2B primitives: Companies, Company Locations, and Compact Contact with associated roles. This API can be used to create companies that represent those business customers and contain information about them. This foundational feature for enabling wholesale is built directly into the core of Shopify so our partners can expand their reach and support more complex B2B workflows like quick order forms and quantity breaks.

Additionally, you can now use:

  • The purchasing entity input field to create and update B2B draft orders. This will attach company, location, and contact to the draft order.
  • The contextualPricing field on Product and ProductVariant to fetch prices for a CompanyLocation by passing a companyLocationID argument to the context input.

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Launching: Shopify Translate and Adapt

Shopify Translate and Adapt

Shopify Translate and Adapt is an app that lets merchants translate their stores into multiple languages and create market-specific content to better connect with international customers and drive sales globally. This makes it easy for partners to set up their merchants to sell globally by default with a first-party app that helps localize store content to better reach international audiences.

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Customize your search, filters, and product recommendations

A great shopping experience starts with great search and seamless discovery. With the Shopify Search and Discovery app, merchants can now customize search, filtering, and product recommendations, so they can enhance their products’ relevance and sell more. Learn more about Shopify Search and Discovery at the link below.

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Introducing: POS Go—Pre-orders now available in USA

Shopify POS Go

Level up your clients’ retail operations with POS Go, now available for pre-order. With POS Go, Shopify merchants can accept tap, chip, and swipe payments quickly and reliably with built-in Wi-Fi; scan barcodes, access inventory, view reports, and manage customer profiles on the floor; and get set up quickly with Shopify POS software pre-loaded.

Pre-order POS Go at the link below.

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