Shop Local in Vancouver This Holiday Season

shopper in store with face mask

As we're all getting ready for the holidays and buying gifts for our loved ones, there's never been a better time to support local businesses!

To help you find the perfect gift for the holidays, we've curated a list of some of Vancouver’s local businesses.

Gifts for the stylish

Whether you’re shopping for your most stylish friend, your dad who wears the same thing every year, or looking to treat yourself with a new sweat suit (we all secretly love them), check out these Vancouver-based businesses. 

  • Supercrush - Trendy women’s accessories that are perfect for the holidays 
  • Wirth Hats - A hat company with a mission to do something about mental health 
  • Wallace - Inspired by warm interiors and luscious fabrics, Wallace is a one stop shop for the men on your list 
  • Borderline Bodysuits - A women’s bodysuit that finally makes bathroom breaks a breeze 
  • Brunette the Label- Trendy sweat suits to graphic tees, this brand strives to create an inclusive community 
  • Pilot Pet Gear- Handmade, field tested dog collars, because pet’s can be stylish too 
  • Neighbour- Men’s and women’s store filled with intentional products including clothing and accessories.

Gifts for the homebodies

Because we’re all home for the holidays, why not make it the best place on earth? Here's a list of stores that'll help you (or your loved ones) get there. 

  • Sister Sage- Indigenous tradition meets modern wellness products
  • Better Basics- Eco-friendly kitchen essentials to help you create a plastic free life with ease 
  • Vellum Wellness- Essential oils to turn your home into your oasis 
  • Woodlot- Candles, soaps, lotions and more that will help you make you feel like you’re at a spa in your own home
  • Elderberry Floral- A family business concentrating on getting you and your loved ones the most beautiful flowers in time for the holiday. 
  • Loa Skin- A multi-functional moisturizer made with 15 beautiful botanicals to make your skin look flawless
  • Schmear- Turn your home into a spa with Shmear’s wholesome skincare made from real food
  • Harlow Skin- Plant based beauty products

Gifts for the foodies

2020 has been the year of cooking at home, bread baking, new recipes, and slow mornings, so why not continue the trend with some help from local businesses!

  • Bowen Island Herb Salts- Gourmet salts, sugars and other herbal blends created on beautiful Bowen island
  • Woash Wellness- Loose-leaf tea blends with a purpose 
  • Tayybeh - Rich and flavorful Syrian cuisine brought straight to you
  • Vegan Supply- A one-stop shop vegan grocery store 
  • MeatMe- Ethical meat delivered to your door, perfect for those holidays meals
  • Livia - Pastries, meal kits, wine, and everything else you need while staying home 
  • Caffe La Tana- Premium Italian grocer and restaurant for all your nonna-needs

Gifts for the outdoorsy

Where the ocean meets the mountains, Vancouver is known for its beauty and access to the great outdoors. Here are a few stores that will help you get out outside.

Want to add to the list? Mention your favorite Vancouver business in the comments and we’ll get them added!