Shopify VS Joomla Ecommerce

Instead of showing you another one of these...

Invented online shopping

Will water your plants while you're away

Loves you for who you are*

* Premium plans only

...we know you'd rather hear from real ex-Joomla users

Shopify has proven to be an e-commerce platform for actual business owners, not designers or developers. Our previous e-commerce was difficult to customize and difficult to navigate and update. Where we were saving a little money on the month to month payment, we were paying with our time and sales. With Shopify, our site is the best it's ever looked (without hiring an expensive designer), and we are finally selling our products online, which our fans have been begging for year after year!

I just found out about Shopify last week and have spent some time with it. It looks like they offer everything under one roof with apps that could give us similar functionality at a fraction of the cost of what I'm spending now.

ex-Joomla user

Developing custom eCommerce solutions can often be a long and expensive process. For a small percentage-based fee, Shopify instantly provides everything needed for a basic web shop including hosting. It's a joy to use, easy to set up and the administration interface beautifully designed.

ex-Joomla user

I have been absolutely blown away by Shopify. It is everything that an E-commerce platform should be. ...we realised that we needed something more stable and robust. Something that could scale and support our growth.

There are many things that we love about Shopify, and we feel like we are only scratching the surface of it's potential...The advantages of Shopify over Joomla E-commerce so far are:

  • Shopify is a hosted solution, so I no longer have to maintain servers, apply software updates & worry about security issues.
  • Shopify is a dedicated E-commerce platform, whereas Joomla E-commerce is an extension to the CMS. The problem with this is that Joomla is not actually built for E-commerce.
  • Shopify themes / customisation is so simple & powerful. Joomla does have a good templating engine, but Shopify blows everything out of the water with it's liquid templating language.
  • Shopify is super fast. Joomla E-commerce can be quite sluggish
Adam Wooding, Spacemaker Wardrobes